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  1. Instance for Mixers

    Great idea! I hope this happens:D Ideas: Danger could come from enhanced harvesting and even mixing events such as a boulder fell on you for 50hp damage,a landslide caused damage to all harvesting around you, your FE exploded causing you to lose 50 FEs (time slow down),while making a sword you cut yourself etc. If you die with rosto you respawn in instance without it you can't get back in. Maybe a creature to slow you down, add to your damages and just irritate, say a monkey that steals your bags throws rocks or fruit and vegies at you for damage of course. Not able to be attacked (for mixers after all). I would hope for different levels so that more people would be able to play. I am new to posting here and my first post seems to have vanished...so if this is a double I am so sorry