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  1. pick the most hottest people in EL

    i am 15 (not a nerd) i quit EL know well kinda anyway just come on fourms somtimes lol so i cant be referd to be a pedophille or somthing like that well i dont think i can
  2. pick the most hottest people in EL

    BTW i eye up girls all the time nothing special i dont usually go round asking for dates usually they come to me but ailenya dam she's fit and WTF u on about ailenya is ten times fitter then kala by miles no offense kala lol i still wouldnt say no to you lets put it that way i want her MSN lol
  3. pick the most hottest people in EL

    i vote for ailenya because she is damn HOT
  4. on this site u may post a pic of a person u think is good looking but you are not allowed to post ur self because tht is just being big headed
  5. ChickenGeorge

    CG is a good guy u have a grudge against him only because he might kill you and ur jelaous
  6. The True Great War

    mint post beequeen i enjoy it i wander why
  7. The Eternal Sun

    welcome back shass
  8. Shasso Owned :D

    yeh sky u missed out the real photo of me getting mirrored for 51hp while i was bare handed and being harmed at the same time
  9. shasso >_< liar

    i am sorry for taking your cussies it was wrong of me and i will return them to you wont happen again i promise
  10. Locked?

    come on peeps let doc been unblocked i didnt know he was insert/delete........... he even told me and ohohok not to do it before the contest because its illegal so he does know what's wrong and right pls pls pls unblock him
  11. the poll winner

    since the poll got canceled i will say the winners now dopedro = 7 shasso = 9 shivar = 5 elise = 8 korsakof = 7 jipomax = 0 pice = 0 azazel = 8 metalkid = 0 jjk = 4 so SHASSO wins he also got my vote so if i didnt vote shasso wouldent of won yay SHASSO he WINS so SHASSO gets to give me money for putting him in the vote thank you for reading
  12. who is the best guild

    just vote on which one you prefer out of the two
  13. who do you prefer

    brian is in the next poll gratz
  14. who do you prefer

    if you have any other ideas who should be in the next poll pls add name here and i will get back to you
  15. who do you prefer

    i dont think this poll is very good so i will make a better one after the next five days ok =)