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  1. Mother Nature likes to destroy Harverster Medallions

    10 minutes mine just lasted...not even 1000 sunflower and gone put 2nd harv med on...last maybe 4-5k sunflower then broke due to hitting tele nexus...total joke and waste of gc...should be a little tougher please. Would like to maybe get to boil the kettle and enjoy a coffee for 5 min without breaking my medallion!
  2. AragorIII

    Thank you soo much! I promise I won't let you down! I look forward to seeing you and everyone else around in EL.
  3. AragorIII

    I had hoped that I might be allowed a chance to come back and prove myself.
  4. AragorIII

    I made a silly mistake, after taking a long break I tried...badly...to make up the lost time and make some easy gold. None of my friends or old guild was around, I was alone and being very silly. I do miss the good old days...I know my word might not mean much now but at least you can see my A/D levels are quite high...would be hard to cheat my way to them. I earned the rest of my levels in the year I started playing, a long time ago now though. I played with guild "MAGE" for months until I took my first long break. Before that I took the time to explore the maps and the continents, learning the hidden parts of the game that make it that much more enjoyable. I enjoyed many conversations on the newbie chat as I learned, and again when I felt experienced enough to help some people out. I never BJ'd or lured new players into PK. I rather enjoyed all the references to fantasy books and culture that were written into the game and added by players as the game progressed. I cannot apologise enough...but I suppose I will understand if I am not allowed "AragorIII" back. I do not think any of the people I played are still around now...it would of been nice to find out or to join another active guild or even make my own some day. I never even got to see a guild map in the time I played, I really wanted to work more on my p/c/a/d and work my way up the creature list too... My best wishes for you and your time in-game and out, anyway Regards
  5. AragorIII

    Hi, been over a year now since I last played. Was hoping I could maybe get "AragorIII" unlocked. Would like to play a little again but don't to let all the work I put in with AragorIII be lost by starting a new character. Hoping to find you well and to hear your response soon. Regards
  6. Banned

    Ok, both of your comments are fair and honest. Yes I lied to try and avoid a ban. I was not trying to come across with an attitude, I was merely upset at the thought of NEVER being able to play my character again. At least I apologised AND I am fully aware of what I did wrong. I read plenty of posts of players who have done bad things...I wonder how many of them are allowed to play the same characters again?
  7. Banned

    Explain to me exactly how my levels were ill gotten...? If you are trying to say that for all the years I have played that I cheated then I would be inclined to say I will hunt you down and demand an apology personally. But since I "tried!" to cheat this once and it didn't work I will not be so dramatic about it. My levels are my own, I played regularly at one point with many people in "MAGE" guild. I do not know how many of them still play but if I could find them then they would testify also that I was a hard working and full time player. If you still insist that this is a permanent ban then the "offer" of being able to make another character is completely outrageous and you can just go and ban my IP from your servers completely because I wouldn't even want the temptation of being able to communicate further with you as I would not be able to contain myself. AragorIII
  8. Banned

    So that's a permanent ban then...?
  9. Banned

    OK, I have made enough of a fool of myself. It seems I don't have a leg to stand on now. I can only apologise for trying to get away with what was a very bad attempt at a macro. I can only repeat that as far as I can tell, this is my first violation of the rules of EL. As I said before, I have been an EL member for 4 years and since I have been on a break for the last year or so I felt I needed to catch up. I know now that this was silly and I can honestly swear that if you decide not to ban this character indefinitely I will never attempt to break the rules again. So basically I am very sorry for what I have done! I tried to create a macro, although not very well it seems, and if you decide that I am allowed to play again with this character that I will NEVER make the same mistake again. I tried to send this message in a PM to Entropy but it says no more messages allowed. I would however have made a full apology in the forums anyway to show to other players that I am sorry and to show that it is NOT worth it to try and break the rules. Sincerely AragorIII
  10. Banned

    Of course this looks bad but as I said before...I did fall asleep at the keyboard. I had several windows open, so EL was not the largest one by far, in fact I believe this is what caused me to make that error. As I normally switch between screens I don't give them my full attention and if EL had crashed at some point during the night then I am assume the Storage window will have closed. I normally place my windows (e.g. storage, bags, mix etc) very discretely at the edges of the screen or just under each other so as they don't take up much room, especially if I am playing on a small EL window so I can look at internet and other games while I harvest I can only guess that I "thought" I was clicking on the storage and when it obviously did NOT go in and the smaller "dropped" bad inventory appeared I will not have seen it due to the small EL window size. If I did manage to drop my flowers in front of store I cannot of dropped much. I hope that you can understand everyone is capable of mistakes. I know I have seen people do some silly things in EL. Regards AragorIII
  11. Banned

    And may God himself have mercy on my soul if I should lie! This has been a misunderstanding and I can honestly proclaim that I was NOT in fact using any kind of macro'ing software nor to the best of my knowledge was I breaking any rules. I have been a long standing EL member and although I have not played much in the last year or so I first started playing 4 years ago and have come to love, enjoy and respect the EL community. I would not want to damage that and I believe that I have always had a clean record in this game. PS If God could find it in his heart to speed up the good things in proportion in my life it would greatly be appreciated Regards and Thanks. I look forward to your swift response AragorIII (Neil)
  12. Banned

    Well storing them ofc, I was intending to make Essences with most of them, would have moved on to harvesting minerals or ores soon. I might have sold some of the flowers to get extra minerals / ores as they take a lot longer to harvest. Its a bit of a blow to the profits to have to buy some minerals but might get lucky and get an Enriched one of these days
  13. Banned

    It was late so my memory isn't very clear and as I mentioned above I fell asleep at the keyboard(I am sure we've all done that at some point). I had more than one window open. There was EL, Chrome and Mozilla, I was surfing a few different sites and I also had Warcraft open at same time. I position my widows so that I can (try to) keep an eye on all of them at least a little. EL was at the top right of my monitor so I could just see my character so I can tell if he is still harvesting etc. The internet browsers will open over the game window but only half, and Warcraft sits on the left of the screen. As I mentioned above that it was late and the last thing I remember was the game (EL) crashing...I couldn't see anything but black on the EL screen (seemed different from other game crashes but didn't think about this at the time) I had been concentrating more on the other windows than EL at this point. When I started making silly mistakes in both games through lack of concentration I start getting upset...a good indication I need my bed. I continued playing both games and put some music on but I still managed to fall asleep at the computer. I didn't check the logs from EL till morning and I cant remember the times I woke up at. The only thing I remember is waking up to the black screen and switching everything off till morning.
  14. Banned

    Having read through the forum posts I can see little point in even trying to persuade you that I was not. Have I been served a month ban or a lifetime...>?
  15. Banned

    Was semi-afk harvesting last night (as well as doing other things on the computer). For some reason I returned to my computer and found it(EL) had crashed(EL screen black but could still move mouse etc). It looked like a server resync but I couldnt type so I just closed the game. I opened new window and continued on playing. Not long later(not sure of exact time as I might have fell asleep) this happened again. At this point it was quite late so I switched computer off. In the morning I tried to log into my main character (aragorIII) but nothing happened. I tried an alt which worked fine, slightly confused I PM'd gossip about my main, gossip said he was banned! Naturally I was a little upset so I checked my logs...it seems that at some point during the night, Radu PM'd me. I did not notice this message and as I was not afk, (ie either afk set to on OR no input from either mouse or board long enough for auto afk), there was no "message waiting" PM for me. Either that or because the game had crashed, I am not sure. Anyway, the result from this seems to be some type of BAN. I would be very grateful to Radu (or any other Mod) who could clarify this problem for me. Thank you for your time and patience and I look forward to your swift reply Neil