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  1. Hardware compatiibility problems

    we tryed to update the cards drivers yes.
  2. Hello peoeple if youre reading this now i have a question about a certain problem that many players on el have had and still are. Many of my friends and i have had problems finding a good video card for the el client. We have tested many and determined that nividia is the way to go normally. But even then its not a guarantee currently my cousin and i are running a nividia 7600 series and a nividia 9800 series. They seem to work well. I have had many problems with ati video cards as many probably have. But sometimes certain ati cards work as well. i just dont get what in the game has made this occur. The graphics are mediocre at most so wuts up? I recently bought an hp desktop computer, it has a nividia 5800 series and just wont play el for its life lol. So does the Nividia idea go out the window or what? Its pretty sad when a desktop computer with a nividia card cant run el. But an hp laptop with onboard video can play it perfectly. Id very much appreciate it if someone could enlighten my cousin and i on this phenominon lol. Id also like to ask if this problem can be fixed. And if it can be will it? Thanks for your time i appreciate it. 6sic6
  3. Knights Of Darkness...

    My guild Knights of Darkness is currently is looking for members. We are a small guild so far but hope to grow quite quickly. We have a website setup still working on it currently you can use it to check on our guild projects what we are doin basically. And there is a daily quest guide page. Like i said its still under work but useful. There are also links from our site to some other important sites. No real requirements for joining K@d except for working together, no bag jumping, and no scamming... The guild URL is: http://knightsofdarkness.sytes.net/ If you would like to join our guild just pm me, xerocool, or exadion. Come check us out you wont regret it... 6sic6
  4. possible redemption

    Thanks glad you liked the pic lol we greatly appreciate it
  5. Rraisa

    Currently our guild bot isnt getting listed by Rraisa when items are searched. I dont know how to fix this problem and would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me. 6sic6
  6. possible redemption

    We sent them hopefully they are satisfactory. 6sic6
  7. possible redemption

    we are locating a camera. how would you like it sent? because we have never done this before.
  8. possible redemption

    i was going to make a bot and decided not too, i never even went through the tutorials with him, and never got around to deleting him i will do that now. so none of us have an alt 6sic6
  9. possible redemption

    sry for bothering u. koldd was my brother who also played this game for a short while until he got banned but he probably will never be logged back on atleast here because it causes problems. exadion is xerocools brother and goes to school so hes normally moving from ip to ip with his laptop and he visits here sometimes, and zarx is a bot that we payed to make and may be hosted here at some points but is under control of exadion. 6sic6
  10. possible redemption

    i dont really understand because i never broke a rule and wasnt involved in xerocools and exadions previous banning only the instant in which u banned xerocool and i for playing on the same ip and thinking we were one person with alts which we werent i really dont wanna anger u but this is really ruining the game for me and in my opinion is rediculous. y even bother u know i really am sry but cant u understand where im coming from? 6sic6
  11. possible redemption

    recently i was told that if i send a pic proving that two ppl on the same ip address are playing on seperate consoles and are really two different ppl that we could trade and work together like normal. recently i as in 6sic6 and xerocool my cousin decided we wanted to start a guild and have a legal bot with xerocools brother exadion who is on a totally different ip. But at the same time we dont wanna get in trouble after all the trouble of doing so. i understand that we may have caused some difficulties before but we have been no trouble since then and would appreciate the chance for redemption if needed xerocool and i 6sic6 will send a pic of us playing on our seperate consoles if this helps just let me know where to send and i will do so i appreciate u taking the time to read this and hope we get a chance to redeem ourselves 6sic6