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  1. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    i am banned, but does that change the fact that crus does indeed have an illegal client? certainly doesn't
  2. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    1. bull, there is no need to lie 2. you DO cheat 3. you will get stats reduction 4. you will quit, as what will happen to many other PKers, which are needed because there is no point in crafting/manu/potioning etc etc if you can't even sell your goods! which will be a cause of many other non-PKers to leave!
  3. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    crus, you're not one to complain about zoom, considering i KNOW *CO* uses, or used a highly illegal client auto dis/auto restore/mana sound familiar?
  4. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    yes, i agree those that use macro clients/automation and such should recieve a punishment, but why is it always -EF-? why not UTi, *O*, ^v^? their auto restore, etc etc is more legal then my fellow -EF-'s? seems wrong to me
  5. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    this all sounds like an obvious attempt to get rid of -EF-
  6. what's this

    Knight_Paladin doesn't have the true owner running it, it's my character which I sold to Seal a.k.a mitosh, I don't think it is veiks101 though.
  7. Shields

    sounds good, say it takes like 25 mana points or so?
  8. double health bug

    Well, this bug doesn't seem to work on characters made ON the test server or characters that WERE reset on the test server i've noticed
  9. double health bug

    When I was on my one alternate character, which has 52 physique I got 53 physique and it doubled the ammount of health point, but when I got 54 he went up to 285, so this bug only comes in effect once I guess
  10. Public Apoligize :>

    I appolagize to enyo/rogue/learner, and whoever else may have been affected in any way, i was just being stupid and blurting out crap, saying stuff i had no clue about, i know we don't get along too well, enyo, but we can still play the same game and try to ignore each other without any problems
  11. The following players were banned for 1 week

    This is daddy chicken so the following is my opinion not my son's. First i think many people were impersonated on enyo's website (why would any intelligent person write these types of things and sign their name). I'd like to be shown some proof that he was involved and i'd do some disciplining myself. Second i'd like to know why enyo doesn't grow-up and quit arguing with the kids. My 14 year old son is more of an adult as he has her ignored in-game and on MSN. I used to be a friend of hers til my son (as knight_paladin) pked her, then i was repeatedly spammed and harrassed with pedophile accusations and insults to my parenting abilities, so with what i consider adult behavior i did not bicker back and forth but told myself this is no longer fun so i quit EL and let my son have his old character back. Last but not least if this is based on harrassment on non-EL based sites why is ginger's(enyo's) introduction not getting her banned for harrassment also? As far as i'm concerned enyo, learner and rogue are not the only ones due an apology. I'd have logged in under daddy chicken but forums won't let me on "bans" section under that account so i used my sons. can i say "hi" to all my old friends here? lol .....Tom
  12. lol @ kf

    then even after jayjay and kl4 came...i guess...i came..got attacked by padre and hezzarPL o_O better off typing #suicide
  13. Owned

  14. Potions

    meh, anybody that knows what they are doing uses boost pots, heck, if someone complains about you boosting that's just because they're too poor to worry about spending a few extra GC, or just using a lame excuse saying "haha, you beat me but didn't do it with your own strength" i guess
  15. Shasso Owned :D

    rofl, shall i even take the time posting all YOUR death messages sky?