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  1. Wizzy's event level #1

    yeah it was great fun, really enjoyed it. Thanks Wizzy!
  2. Buying: Tit cuisses of CD removal

    I'm looking to buy Titanium cuisses of cooldown removal for 300kgc but I am happy to negotiate a trade. PM me ingame -MirageKnight
  3. Selling: thermal serpent sword

  4. Selling: thermal serpent sword

    Selling my Titanium serpent sword of thermal, leave me a /mercator message or PM me ingame with your offers if you're interested.
  5. DPA King of the Ring #3

    I'll join
  6. KF Clash #4

    can't make sunday, looks like I'm out
  7. KF Clash #4

    Sounds fun, I'll fight
  8. stay_puff

    I'm sure we'll cope...
  9. Countdown to Christmas

    sounds good circe, looking forward to it.
  10. Sponsored WTF

    KrazyKiller also would like to go, a/d 118/122, fighter build, range 32/no perks or AP
  11. Sponsored WTF

    I would be happy to go a/d 119/118 magic 69, range 61/max AP/both perks/1680 emu as a mule and Hours since last WTF instance visited: 205 (that was to free you)
  12. Unolas' vacation

    Was great fun and a nice idea Maybe next time have a Mountain chimeran wave as it is a big gap between FCW and Yeti
  13. Unolas' vacation

    im in 80-100 league btw
  14. PIWO guild can't be trusted

    Me busterblader and TrOjaN were in kf with smakosz from PIWO guild (allied) and we kept killing oflaz then smakosz blocked my line so i couldn't rang, which wasn't that bad cuz buster can beat oflaz anyway but then RAD from PIWO went invisi unset LOM! as an ally without telling us then attacked me and tried to pk us which i think is totally out of line as we did nothing to them and we were meant to be allied! So i dissed and he attacked buster but i couldn't help buster as they were still allied to us. Me and my guildies felt that this was too close to scamming and we do not like scammers as many of you don't aswell.