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  1. Liean

    I have one question .. you wrote that I tried to log in under some old character, but I have no old character. I knew someone who had the character of Veronica, but as I wrote above for years I've seen him. So why should I be punished for something I did?
  2. Liean

    This is incredible ..... I do not know how to explain how someone could play with my character and still have to do a second character and to make matters worse, when I play only EL at home, but from what you sent me so that's probably true. I am sad that someone screwed up my character. And there is a chance that I could play EL sometime soon? Otherwise you so much for trying to explain it to me.
  3. Liean

    Sorry, I do not understand how can I be banned for something I do not know what I did. Yesterday I wanted to log in and wrote me that I have an IP ban. Do not be mad at me, but it seems to me sad. I am disappointed in your decision.
  4. Liean

    The character Veronica I know it was my friend who has violated any rules, but I have nothing to Veronica for several years. Unfortunately you do not remember that I did some business with ytyb, but the game several times, I agreed to work mining iron or coal, but the character can no longer remember. So what does it mean now? I got a ban, but still do not know what it means for my character. Thanks for the answer
  5. Liean

    http://www.eternal-l...showtopic=54087 That's correct .... but I moved and I started playing again, but I do not understand why I got multiplayer.Charakter Liean is my personal one and does not play on my computer so I do not know what to do with any character with the name ytyb?
  6. Liean

    Hello Today I play in my swollen that I was playing multiplayer. Please explain how is it possible? The answer thank you
  7. IP bans

    Hi, I have a question?. Why am I still banned IP addresses do not understand it .... Can you please Aislinn explain why I can still play? Thanks for the reply.
  8. IP bans

    As I said, I IP ban and would like to unlock and start playing again with my character named Veronica.Thx for an answer.
  9. IP bans

    Hey, so what does it mean for me? So I sometimes still play for his chararter or will be locked on all the time? Thanks for the reply.
  10. IP bans

    Hey, why you no answer? What have I done so bad, that even get a response. Thank you
  11. IP bans

    Hi I can not much English, but I have a request could you tell me to unlock my IP address and my character Veronica, I can get back to playing Eternal Lands .. Thank you