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  1. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    There is a plugin for DDS-files. https://code.google.com/p/gimp-dds/ Install that and you should be able to open and edit the maps.
  2. Thank you very much for the invasions! The past 2 days I had more fun in the game since I don't know when. Wizzy's invasion on 22/3 was as awesome as his invasions usually are. Kept me up all night. Great fun, thank you! You are the best! The invasion on 23/3 was something different to the usual naspa/giant mess. The mob selection was thought out by Talon. Thank you very much Radu for listening to him and giving this a chance. Thank you very much Talon for the well thought out setup. It was a hard invasion but it was also a lot of fun. I think this invasion also caused more rosto losses than radu's regular ones while at the same time providing more fun. Even at only 130s a/d i got a chance to fight mobs. And when it got too hard for me to fight I could retreat and help as a ranger. That is the perfect invasion setup imho. The amount of dragons might be a bit high for regular invasions, but it was a nice change to the normal naspa hell. I would love to see more invasions in that style. Some diversity in the invasion setup is great!
  3. Thats my Bag

    Seriously? 8 minutes of mapwalking and bot trading to show us someone took 1 dung that you dropped them on purpose? You got way too much time on your hands.
  4. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    "Fitting quote for perhaps the richest guild in EL" - Talon, 03-09-2015
  5. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Gotta clarify a few things cause there are some weird rumors floating around. Neither Talon nor the Talon character took the casty drop. I attacked it (on the Starkie character) and I got the bag. Talons character only joined the fight when the casty had about 4-5k HP left. Our actions did not cost anyone rostos. Unlike you claim in game we did not make the casty spawn giants. That would be incredibly stupid. Why would we make it spawn the 20 giant wave on our heads and risk getting killed? The giants were already spawned by your own teammates when I (on the Starkie character) attacked the casty. Talon joined the fight even later. The only player who died in the immediate action was brutus. He attacked the casty after I did and he died to 2 giants that attacked him then. I dont even know who else died because it happened out of my view. If you lost a rosto to a giant miles away from the action then that's unfortunate but has nothing to do with what we did. In conclusion: I am to blame for the "stolen" drop, but we do not take responsibility for whatever else happened in your imagination. The "other member" who took bags was me. On my own character Finja over an hour before we serped the boss (yes, it took them that long to finish the casty). I took a bunch of animal parts, a PS cloak and some arrows from a bag of about 500. Since it is not that exciting to watch you kill a casty in slow motion, what did you think we were doing there? Fully geared, with mage pants, on horses, sticking around for 3 giant waves. Take our horses out for a ride in the sunshine? It didnt cross your mind even once that we might be after the casty? Don't you think it is up to Talon to decide wether his trust was respected or not?
  6. Talon and WGT guild character sharing issue

    Hi, I have some questions... - so you aren't complaining about the drop being taken but about the character sharing? This is in the wrong section then, because character sharing is part of rule 5 being gone. Maybe this should be in suggestions or general chat if you want to discuss the rule change? - would you like to be informed about every instance of character sharing or just Talon's? - how would you like your information? I suggest a bulletin board in votd - who do you think you are that it's any of your business what people do with their characters and when/who they share with? Besides that... #guild_info WGT General info: PK/Instance/Invasion guild. Beware, we may serp your boss mobs. Not like it's a secret... It was me who killed the casty and got the drop. Once that bulletin board is installed in votd I will make sure to post prior to logging a character
  7. [Treasure Hunt] Open your mind...

    You are in Tirnym [125,137] Found an EFE tyvm gloomy
  8. Right. Everyone who likes to pk in a game is a bully in rl and robs grandmas. I think they also murder puppies
  9. DPA is no drops. So the evil PKers cant make any gc there. Casting MI is only one solution. TS is another and there are pots for it that anyone can use, even the lowest levels. I highly doubt dying in a no drops arena drives people out of the game. And if it does than maybe it is not the worst thing to lose these people. You have to be really close minded to quit over something minor like that. What I get from your posts is: You are not against the pking part, but only as long as nobody pk's you...
  10. So you want to turn that daily into free xp for no cost and risk at all? As Hussam said, the NPC covers the cost of the item. All you have to do is keep MI up or use TS and only cast MI if someone is close. The arena is single combat. As long as you stay engaged nobody can attack you and the mages are easily avoided. With your suggestion this daily is just free xp. There is no risk or cost to it, since the NPC pays for the item. If this was implemented then at least the gc reward should be removed. I doubt it was meant to be free xp. So use the money you get from the NPC for MI spells or TS pots and you are safe.
  11. Bring back the fun

    I agree with Cher. Thank you so much Wizzy for taking time out of your busy day to create fun for us. I wasn't playing my own char tonight, but a lovely friends high lvl char, so I was able to stay till the end and it was awesome. I sat out the first few waves because of that char, but I heard about it from lower lvl guildies/friends. It was fun for everyone, even the lower level people. Also I noticed there were more players attending it than the usual Bethel uncap. It would be awesome if we could get more invasions like that. Maybe some time even Wizzy can take part in one instead of just provinding the fun for others.
  12. Bring back the fun

    I am very sorry that some people took this thread personal. It was never my intention to point fingers or blame the moderators. I was hoping I made it clear that I do understand there are legit reasons. I gave examples of what exactly I mean. Telling me that there are daily quests and instances is missing the point. This is an attempt to bring back the fun times that we had in the past. I'm not asking for new or impossible things. Everything I mentioned used to happen. It used to be possible. This thread is meant as constructive critisism, not an attack. I also mentioned the possibility of a workaround so that there is no need for new "rank 3" mods, but still have people do the "dirty" work. Maybe we all can stop playing the blame game and instead discuss this constructively to try and find a solution that works for all sides.
  13. Bring back the fun

    My dear Wizzy, you know I love you and your invasions. This post is not intended to blame you or any of your fellow mods. I was hoping I made this clear in my post. I am not blaming you. Or anyone. Your reallife is important. More important than EL invasions. But my point is: If the current mods can't do invasions (which is perfectly legit!) elect new ones who aren't too busy. Because however busy the mods are, the players still need fun. I do not expect you to do anything. As I said I am aware that you already have a lot on your shoulders. Players do not ask for invasions of the style i mentioned because they either gave up or they are to new to know them. Just today I asked for a multi map multi cap with some hidden. What we got was a SKF with one wave. The last time people offered to hold a PK contest is not to long ago. CherUT used to try that. It worked for a while, but was very difficult without mod support. Plus the prizes came mostly from her storage while she couldn't take part but had to do her best to "moderate" it without actual mod powers. Regarding hidden invasions: I did ask you, twice. I specifically asked for the old, epic hidden once, that you used to do while I was gone. What you did were two hidden ones. Both with only 2-3 locations all in single combat. Those were either for the top players because of the hard mobs or a farmfest for the not so top but still negged out players. Nothing wrong with these invasions. There is nothing wrong with your Bethel/SKF invasions either. There are players who enjoy them. But they shouldn't be the only option. There used to be more options. More different styles. I don't know what's new about my post. Probably not that much. I am just very sad that my EL that I love isn't like it used to be. Sad that it lacks all the fun I used to have. Players do try to do something though. I personaly did some contests. Without or barely any mod support because I couldn't get any. Players did enjoy the fun, although I (we, I had help from Talon and CherUT for example) didn't give epic prizes away. The small prizes were alright, people enjoyed the fun we provided. I really don't mean to point fingers and blame you or the moderators for doing this wrong. That is not my intention. This is a plead for more/new moderators who are willing to do the (often) thankless work to provide fun for the community.
  14. Bring back the fun

    Dear gods, please bring back fun and excitment to EL. I am very frustrated with the current situation in EL. The game is becoming increasingly boring. The chat channels are dead and nothing fun and entertaining happens anymore. The only break in the daily routine are radus somewhat regular invasions for one level range. In these I usually can't play because I am either not in the appropriate lvl range or they are to hard for me. They are designed for the top characters in each bracket and as a player without lots of bought pickpoints it is usually way above my limits. Same goes for characters with a (partial) mixer build and everyone who isn't heavily negged out. But I remember that it doesn't have to be like that. Not to long ago we used to have a multitude of different invasion types. Several mods used to entertain us with their own style of invasion. There was something for everyone. - The portal invasions spread all over C2 with all kinds of mobs from super easy to extremely tough. - The global multi map multi cap invasions with only a few safe maps, where pretty much every player could find a place to fight appropriate for their abilities. Multiple waves ensured that people always had something to do, but didn't get overwhelmed. - Hidden invasions with many many hideouts filled with easy mobs up to really mean beasts. Not just 2-3 different locations that are either for the top players or a boring farmfest. Sometimes really well hidden so only those with secret knowledge could find them, sometimes in more common caves and places, sometimes both mixed together. - Multi-wave invasions in small remote places like deepstone caverns or tirnym past. Out of the way, so people who weren't interested could go on with their business, but lasting an entire evening, increasing in strength so everyone had a chance to play. - Or the epic clusterfucks. Like the red dragon lair packed with dragons so you could barely walk, but had to clear them all to get to the rewarding casty/bulas. Or like the Imbroglio Island path to the fluffy cave filled with ice dragons. And once you cleared them you found the cave filled up too and were forced to kill them all to be able to fight the bosses... - And of course the single map, single cap invasions with multiple waves, increasing in strengths... That is just to name a few of the possibilities. There were so many different versions of an invasion that anyone could find something they liked. Sure, not everyone likes portal or hidden invasions. But that wasn't a problem, you could be sure that there would be one that you can enjoy just a few days later. But it wasn't only invasions. We also had moderated contests and events. Some were for newbies only, some for everyone. If a player had an idea for a contest and provided some prizes it was easy to find a mod to support him. Either with just some global messages to direct participants to channel 7 or with actual support like teleportation or the mod themself doing the work. Moderators would support pk contests for example by spawning dragons in kf to do a "team with most kills wins" type of event. Or by doing the gear check for gear restricted contests. Or the epic invasion event in the GP ranging non-magic arena where a mod would spawn mobs increasing in strength and players had to fight them without using any spells. There were lots of things like that and I miss those times dearly! Please give us back the fun! Nowadays it is very hard to find a mod to support your contest. A #help_me often doesn't get you a response and you either have to hunt down a mod by pming them all or just do it in channel 6 without support. And even if you get one to help, it is usually just a generic message like "if you like contest join channel 7" instead of any real support. I do know that invasions and events like that take a lot of time and effort from the mods. I am not here to bash them. Mods have a reallife too and they do want to progress their own characters too, not just play the clown for players. And there are other responsibilities like enforcing game rules and helping (newbies) with gameplay issues. This is important too and I am sure most moderators do a really good job "behind the scenes". But providing fun for the players is an important part too and currently that part lacks. The only moderators that currently do invasions or events are Wizzy and Alphabet. Lately Wizzy rarely logs on at all and if he does it is only for a few minutes, because he is so busy in reallife. Alphabet has a lot on the agenda in his RL too and can only do so much. I am not blaming them, RL comes first and they do need time to develop and play their own characters as well. Radu certainly has a lot on his shoulders running this game and also is developing an android app which takes a lot of his time, so he can't spend as much time for player entertainment as is needed, either. However, I think we do need someone to do these things for players. Although we can't blame moderators for falling (mostly) inactive, because that is legit, we do need someone to do the "work". Please consider the possibility of electing new moderators who are willing to provide fun and excitement for the community. I assume there are a lot of sensible information floating around in the mod channels and you cannot just let anyone in on those things. That is understandable. So if there are trust issues with choosing new mods maybe it would be an option to develop a new "class" of moderators. People that aren't responsible for rule enforcement, that don't need to know all the sensible information, but that can provide fun, run contests and do invasions. Lets call them "entertainers" or whatever you like, instead of "moderators". Don't let them in on the sensible stuff, but do give them the power to provide fun, please. Today there was an invasion by radu in SKF. It was originally intended for people below 100 a/d, then was raised to 120 a/d cap with some extra mobs. Apparently not enough players showed up, so soon after the cap was lifted and turned into uncapped. I have not seen that many people in an invasion in a very long time. In my opinion that shows that people are hungry for different style invasions. Invasions that they can activly play in even though they aren't at the top of their level range, haven't bought pickpoints and do have some pickpoints spent on mixing nexus. These people usually can't take part in nowadays invasions, but they are depserate for some fun, so they rushed to the opportunity. Pretty please, do something for these players. Elect new moderators/entertainers that are willing to do the work. Lets bring back the old fun times. Lets fight the boring daily monotony!
  15. Ranging lock problem

    I had the same problem. Range lock randomly disabling itself. It seems to be related to the control option "Auto-disable Ranging Lock when under attack". Since i disabled that the problem did not occure again.