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  1. my char

    Thanks a lot!
  2. my char

    I just thought again about it and came to the conclusion, that it could be, that these characters I can't remember were created at that lan party I mentioned. And I remembered, that it was like at least 3 years ago. Aren't '225 days' possibly enough punishment?
  3. my char

    Well, I didn't create and play them all, fortunamafia for example (also airrobotic, why and pappa) is a nick that didn't know until right now, you're wrong with the extend of the "accusation". But I admit that I did multi, but the logs should say that I didn't in the last months of my playing. I'm sorry for what I did. Character creation spamming is also something I didn't do, possibly we were at a lan-party once and created together one or two new accounts and had fun blocking people on a bridge, which was of course wrong. So all in all after explaining (if you trust me, lol), excusing and regretting, is there a way to get my good old bibap back?
  4. my char

    hey guys, I used to play a lot of EL, and now if I try to log in nothing happens, but if I enter a wrong password it tells me that it's wrong, so the account still exists it seems. Nick: BibapBadapo Now, am I banned, and if so, why and for how long, and if not, what can I do in order to get in the game again? Thanks and greetings!