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  1. Up until this moment, I hadn't considered how CoS would affect my harving habits, since i'm a long way from finishing manu tutorial. I do ~95% of my harving on "red" days, just so i can harv without the constant interruption of mini-events (using my constant companion, the Harvester Medallion). This is especially necessary since I have Dedicated Harvester, and am working towards Smart Harvester. Upon consideration, I probably won't bother finishing the manu tutorial for that reason. I don't insta or invance or attend invasions, so dailies and mixing are my only source of income in the game. If harving becomes too much of a pita, I'll just find another game. Harv on, peeps!
  2. Global Quest FAQ

    1) I want to donate all the Refined Vegetal Mixture I have with me. Excellent, your 5 Refined Vegetal Mixture will greatly help, thank you! 1) I want to donate all the amber I have with me. Excellent, your 32 amber will greatly help, thank you! Hmmm, don't think i did this right, sry
  3. Fuze_ - Luring to Zirka PK.

    My understanding is that FuZe is Str8jacket's younger brother.
  4. Lured into unfair pk by STR8Jacket

    I totally agree with RevengeKiller's philosophy in this regard. Sadly, predators abound. Best not to PvP with strangers.
  5. Please Unlock Frumious

    Looks like all is well at last. Thanks very much
  6. Please Unlock Frumious

    Thanks. We've emailed the requested photo. I should point out that Megabyte67 is Skywatcher's alt, not Frumious's, and she wouldn't want it locked out before Skywatcher is unlocked. Sorry for the confusion. Skywatcher is having a lot of trouble registering despite the automatic validation. Will it be necessary for her to post in the Bans forum?
  7. Please Unlock Frumious

    Could I please have Frumious unlocked? Each character at this IP had one player. The last two characters at the time of the ban were only temporary while we introduced our friends to the game; they are no longer on our network. For the most part, only Frumious and Skywatcher play, and players who have interacted with us both know we aren't the same person. Sorry about any misunderstanding. To my knowledge, no one here was trying to pull anything shady.
  8. Validation Woes

    Cool! I'm in! Many thanks
  9. Validation Woes

    Hi! I have re-registered and again seek validation for Frumious. Hope the bugs in the new Forums have been worked out, and I can finally be registered. Thanks in advance!