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  1. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    Count me in, My ingame name is Curt_
  2. Selling Titanium Axe

    6k :lol:
  3. Harlee & Madre Looking For A Child

    LOL son or daughter
  4. HI i am curt_ ingame my stats are 36 att 39 def 29 harvest 22 alch17 magic 8 pot. 0 summ. 8 manu and 0 crafting
  5. Selling Guild

    How much?
  6. I Have A Question

    LOL my bomb char could kill ur summoned sunny_moon
  7. Curt_ Would Like To Join A Guild

    Sorry i was never god at spelling
  8. Curt_ Would Like To Join A Guild

    Lol when he sees this he wont wear it in KF now :lol:
  9. Stealing Entropy

    LOL! Nice
  10. Curt_ Would Like To Join A Guild

    Lol SKA! how did u get that cloack? <_<
  11. New Forum!

    I am registered can i be an admin plz!
  12. Joining A Clan

    If you want to join Silk pm blackcomplex