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  1. Ban

    Yes i accept, there isn't much to delete anyway. Apologies and thank you.
  2. Ban

    Hello, i know what i did wrong right now but i really didnt before ban. When i started playing this game i really wasnt expecting for longer than a month, thats the way i am, just looking for a right game to sink into. And thats a main reason i didnt read rules before. I did what i did because im always trying to find the right way to play, one time i wanted to make something like a vampire the other just a simple, tough dwarf and so on. While doing that i didnt want to lose what i gained already in the game so i traded what i had on those chars i didnt want to play anymore. All those chars are/were new and dont really had much on them, yesterday i decided what char i want to play and that chars name is Verren i dont have bigger part of those traded items on this char i think its just money on him. Today i wanted to join a guild and the leader of this guild said to me that trading between my own chars is forbidden so i decided to read those rules and some sites i needed to read, when i'v done that i decided to not trade the rest of those items i had on another char, couple minutes later i got banned. So im kindly asking if this ban could be forgiven this one time. Please.