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  1. Buying

    BUYING 7k sulfur and 10k sunflower. sulfur 2gc is as high as ill go sunflower 0.5gc is as high as ill go
  2. Dan9&QUE

    littlebro2 oops sorry my fault wasnt paying attention was real tired am working on the last 4k
  3. Mixing service

    can i post mutliple orders? say 5 orders of 200 steel bars? or 5 orders of 1k FE?
  4. Selling some items

    Pc for all leather items aug boots and gloves and PC for 1k Health essie and 1k Magic essie
  5. Selling some items

    is the black dragon armor bought? if not what was price
  6. Selling some items

    i guess i should say pc all black dragon armor
  7. Selling some items

    all black dragon armor
  8. Job needed

    ATM no more orders are being taken
  9. Dan9&QUE

    this is a harvest business like Genx only we are new and less busy atm flowers only post your order and total price max is 5k orders atm
  10. Selling storage

    15kgc sound good? Que ingame PM ingame eedgar so thats a yes?
  11. Selling some stuff

    all hawk feathers 1.5kgc sound ok?
  12. Signature.

    how would i use one if i asked someone to make it for me
  13. Selling my sto...

    sorry u cause this trouble but would like to add 50 sets of aug leather armor 300 training arrows leather boots 371 LEATHER 790 THREAD all for 20kgc. sound good?
  14. Selling storage

    15kgc sound good? Que ingame
  15. Job needed

    REMEMBER pls post when it is needed by and i will work them from fastest to slowest littlebro i can do and will work on it tell me when its needed thou forever yes its reasonable BUT it will take time pricing on each? Konec again that will take time but is otherwise fine