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  1. little question :D

  2. little question :D

    um bought some lotery ticket cost 5000gc ind when mmonth ends there should be somewhere list o winners but where i dont know where do look it when month ends
  3. Legendmustas

    am unban now legendmustas ussripik is unbanned
  4. Ussripik

    hmm i allready have accc in here and posted my own topic soo yes we make tehe picture and send it to you ore post ore something
  5. Legendmustas

    am unban legendmustas?
  6. Legendmustas

    i m not waining but we dont share characters we just trade alot because we are friends and we play together wery much
  7. Legendmustas

    ok i understand why i got ban but just asking that me and uss are in same tribe and we cant trade with each other? ore help eacother like giving some stuff like incrediment to ussripik that he can make some stuff to me what i cant or i make stuff to hi? is this to illeagel?
  8. Legendmustas

    hmm yes but i dont know player named learg_pl ussriipik is my neighbour and sometimes we play together in smae computer or we take our computers and make like lan party is that so big problem can ju aunban me? plz i am going crazt in here i wan t play
  9. Legendmustas

    hmm why i got banned ??? and how long ??? I WANT PLAY !!!!