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  1. Suggestion about storage

    This will also help avoid scammers and make players life easier. The question is what is more important - making game better for everyone or not helping few ppl which use mules ? BTW: all game actions are logged, so transfering big amounts of ore/flowers/etc between 2 chars can be quite easy to trace...
  2. This idea is not bad but making rostogals more rare (remove from monster drops - from harvesting only) is better solution. BTW: if you really want to help us (crafters ^_^) just add more jewerllery, rebalance prices and add npc which will buy rings, meds, etc...
  3. novotny

    I never trade anything before I check bag first (unless it's trade with some friend) - it's the best way to avoid such scammers. Some time ago I was thinking about few commands that can be used to reduce this problem (but not only). Example: 1. #allow_storage player 2. #allow_storage another_player book+ess 3. #show_storage some_player First example: allow 'player' to get our storage list (one time). Second one: allow to see only entries containing string book and/or ess (working just like #storage item but more advanced ) Last example: get storage list of 'some_player' There is possibility to add more commands which f.e. allow some group of players to get our books list (usefull thing), this group could be our guild or even all players, in the future our 'buddies' ? I know it should be in suggestions but who cares
  4. The No More Tears perk

    MM become useless if you have high a/d, no more tears become useless if you can affort rostogals... each perk has good and bad sides.
  5. Tankel

    Paying 2x more for 2x higher succes rate mean that you will pay less for new items, so Tankel will drain money from manuers since they will be unable to sell their products... I think we should lower his succes rate but like with other skills he could just fail or fail and destroy items... this way repairing items will cost more but it wont effect manuers so much .
  6. Secret boot, secret place

    It looks more like coffin than ship
  7. novotny

    He wanted to trade 3.5k FEs for mm cape - bag trade in nc storage, he PM me that he is making bag. Later when I was in storage, TooMass asked if someone has spare food so I put 20 fruits in bag and write to him on local chat. At the moment when I step out from bag novotny move from his bag without no warning, so I get his bag and there was no FEs, of course in the same time novotny grabbed 20 fruits...
  8. Rostogal

    I think that all stones (serpent and rostogal + other [2 ?] in future) could be get only by harvesting
  9. Bind

    And something like this: #alias for_sale (...) #alias list_books (...) Usage: @selling %for_sale /name_here I have %list_books It could be usefull
  10. mm perkers

    It's illegal to have second character that is used as a mule or to protect your bag when you die. Like is said in other thread - you can always ask for help some friend or someone from your guild.
  11. Alice In Eternal Lands

    I hope you didn't your tp mod powers. Does anyone else wonder why most of the winners were mods? LV what do you think about party in TP room ?
  12. mm perkers

    We are taliking about perk not about benefits for being a fighter. Since when making items or harvesting takes no time ? And remember that leveling in manu or craft takes a lot of money and time. Getting 27 lvl in craft require no work... yeah.. right... when you stop spaming and start thinking ? There is nothing more to say... go spam elsewhere.
  13. mm perkers

    Removing mm perk won't "Improve" game and yes it will make it harder... for non fighters - like always... One more thing about bag jumping and it's connection with mm perk: removing mm will probably increase risk of death, so it will also increase risk of losing stuff = paradise for bag jumpers. More those great ideas Kami and players start leaving EL. I think that most people are satifisied, of course you are not but who cares ?
  14. Essence Spawns

    What if you are alchemist and want to make some money ?
  15. Forge

    I was thinking about it before and it isn't good idea. If you want make game more "real" you should also need other places to make certain stuff. Now try to imagine that 30 ppl need forge to make some stuff and there is only one place when they can make it... in other words I think we don't need factories in EL .