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  1. PV Tavern Glitch

    If you click on the bar in front of Thom, you can stand inside of it. Just putting this out there.
  2. Doing Harvesting/Mule Jobs

    Looking to do harvesting/mule jobs. Harvest level 54. Inorganic 2. 380 emu, and I only harvest on maps that are non-pk/have too strong monsters PM me in game if interested.
  3. Buying Oranges :D

    I am buying Oranges 21Kgc a piece, PM me in game(Stefan_T) if you want to sell.
  4. Auction: Artificer Cape

  5. Auction: Artificer Cape

    Just trying to sell it Ends in 3 days, unless someone decides to do the buy it now. Buy it now 75kgc. Starts at 50kgc. I'm really not good at this LOL.
  6. Bot on C2

    thank you very much
  7. Summoning day

    That sounds like a great idea.
  8. Wolf howl

    Isn't that what wolves do in most video games? I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just a bit over-used
  9. New Ward

    That sounds like a very good idea.
  10. Pets in EL

    I think each character should be able to have their own personal companion. The pet does not really do much but act as an Ant slave. You would be able to name it(Nothing derogatory or unallowed) You could have a whistle or some item to basically "summon" it. The item would not disappear. The item will also not disappear if the owner dies.(Would be very unfair in my opinion) There would be commands similar to the Ant slave, such as wait and follow. Players would be able to change the animal from the EL shop. The animals should mainly be like the wild animals in the game, but nothing to big.(Such as bears) I do know that this require a great deal of work, but I think the developers should be able to create this using the basis of the summoning programming. I also know that there are many ways this may not work, but I do see it as a possibility.
  11. Quote of the week submissions

    That was my old character from when I was noob
  12. What are attribute caps?

    Thank you very much Thyralax
  13. What are attribute caps?

    Even close guesses are good I just want to save PPs by not wasting.
  14. What are attribute caps?

    I was wondering because on my alt i had the mana up to i believe 124 and i got more will, but the mana stopped increasing, just for future reference can anyone tell me the caps of attributes? I don't want to waste PPs if my stats won't go up. Thank you to anyone that helps.
  15. Summoning day

    There should be a double Summoning experience day, there are Special Days for basically every skill, why not summoning? I'd enjoy to see other people's views on this.