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  1. I didn't see anything on this topic while searching. Has it been mentioned and what are your thoughts on being able to get an indication that you have already read a particular book or that the book needs a pre-req by hovering over a book in your inventory or storage? I know that the hovering already shows the amount in the current stack, but can the word Read or PreReq Needed or some kind of indicator be added as well? If this cannot be done, can we implement the use of the "Eye" to easily see if a book has been read, instead of having to actually try to read the book or look in your knowledge list to see if you have read it? I feel like Reading Books is already agonizing in itself (my opinion) so it should be easier to see if and what has already been read. Another option is to maybe create an actual Knowledge Tree showing what has been completed or not that can be viewed to help categorize the knowledge so it can be more easily viewed and look nicer than just a list of every book, (currently not in alphabetical order or by skill) Thank You, (Cassius)
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