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  1. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    A perfect example of revi's "smart reasoning" and sense of justice: a month after my lock I asked if the ban was ended, and that for him/her is complaining too so I deserve another month locked. The next time, every word I write here in this post prolly will be another month of lock for me.
  2. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    "unwilling to learn" in EL mod's cryptic language means complaining about unfair decissions instead of writing "sorry, I was a bad boy so I humbly ask the marvelous mods for a unlock, please, please, please.... ". I've been playing EL for many years so I know being humble and meek in EL is the best strategy for being unlocked (many nasty scammers/cheaters were unlocked in the past using that strategy) but I honestly can't ask for pardon if I think I'm right and the mod is wrong. Anyway, it's been over a month since I was locked, so will I be unlocked at last?
  3. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    That is new: in the recent past, I talked with you when I was locked 2 times unfairly and you (not Aislinn) unlocked me. I think the game owner is the most appropiate for dealing with locks because mods don't have a share of EL shop sales (as far I know) so if a player quits EL and spends his/her money in another game the only one adversely affected is Radu. Complaining to Aislinn I think is totally useless: she always says the mod was right (even if he/she was wrong) or says "talk with Radu about it". Some mods are nice and friendly people, but some can't be impartial and often their decisions are influenced by their dislikes to some players. I won't complain more to you although I think another players "harassed" me (if I use the reasons revi used for locking my char) using channel 3 like by example: [20:29:48] [STX @ 3]: Selling:Tit,iron,silver ores. All minerals. All tokens. Steel bars. Enh sunds. ACP's. All capes. EME's,EFE's. Aes. Pears,grapes,oranges, cdr's. PM fSu Everyone in EL knows what is the word that starts with "f" and "Su" I think is pretty evident (even for some mods) what means. I disagree with some mods and Radu in this case is supporting them. Complaining is useless because Radu and Aislinn are deaf to players' complains, what I can do? I think I have 2 ways to express my disagree: stop playing EL (I don't know if I will do that, I've been playing in these days another games more fun and better than EL) or stop spending my money in EL. I will do the last one because it's more effective knowing Radu: you won't get a single $ more from me, so my bots will be unlogged and won't buy more items from EL shop. Sorry for my customers, if I keep playing EL someday they can PM me if want buy/sell items. If I don't play EL anymore, goodbye.
  4. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    When some player buys items in EL shop radu comes fast to deliver, but when somebody is locked he is slower. The lock was this monday and today is wednesday. Is he too busy for posting here?
  5. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    Oh, so nice from you. You locked my char unfairly but you will permit I explain my side to radu. Another one would ban me too from EL forum so I can't complain here. Thank you very much!
  6. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    If you want to justify your biased decision of locking my char Susje because my ads in channel 3 ok, keep trying it. I know it was an unfair decision (and prolly you know it too). You can make unfair decisions as mod but you can't convince me that are fair ones. I never said stx and his alts are the ONLY ONES who deal in robbed chars and items but they crearly do it, is not a secret because stx himself told it publicly in channel 6. But I don't know every player who does the same (I'm not a mod with special powers for knowing each alt and what IP they use everyday). Prolly there are more players doing it too. If I say my items are not robbed is because is true : I actively take measures for not buying robbed/scammed chars or items like banning in my bots every robbed chars/items dealer I know (like stouxy and every one of his alts I know). If stx or you (revi) feel angry because in my ads I tell my items are not robbed, sorry for both but that is not against the rules and is not a valid reason for locking my char Susje. And by the way, If you keep believing that posting my ads in channel 3 after your friend stx is a valid reason for locking my char one month, talk with radu and ask him a permanent ban against me. If you want harm me unfairly, do it well.
  7. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    I'm not playing dumb or being obtuse. I'm just using "reductio ad absurdum" because your reasons for locking my char seem absurd to me. Prolly I'm loosing my time because moderation is never a topic for public discussion, even if mods' resolutions are crearly unfair. - My posts in channel 3 are not ALWAYS after stx posts. Sometimes he posts in channel 3 and I don't post after him, sometimes I post in channel 3 when stx is not logged on. And sometimes he posts ads in channel 3 after my ads and he never was locked for it. But it seems the focus is on me so I'm ALWAYS the bad boy. - Rule 1 in EL says "don't be a troublemaker". Would be the same if it says "don't breath" because every mod could ban a player using that rule with or without a reason like now.
  8. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    You or revi don't have to inform me when you warn/mute/ban/lock someone. Both can do whatever you want and even lock me without a valid reason, like when radu locked my char for 2 days and he said it was not a lock but a connection problem in my router (although EL webpage said Susje char was locked). I'm just trying to understand your reasons for locking my char, because I honestly don't see any insult or harassment in the ads I just posted in channel 3. If posting an ad after another player is an insult or harassment, any ad would be the same in my opinion because always there is a previous ad.
  9. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    Here is my channel 3 ad because I was locked: "@@3 Selling (not robbed) rostos, haidir passes, armors, invasion tokens, CF, EMPs. Trading my s2es for your hydro ores. Buy nexus removals and binding stones." Where is the insult to stx? I don't see his charname there. Where is the harassment? Is harassment selling items like stx or any EL player and advertising it in channel 3? If I post my ad by chance after lavp's ad (by example) will I be locked again for harassing him? If this is a thing between stx and me, I don't understand why always I'm the only one muted/banned/locked and he never is muted/banned/locked. Is the order of posting the reason? If I post before him and he posts after me will he be locked?
  10. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    Let's not be deliberately obtuse. - I don't post IMMEDIATELY after stx's ads. If I write a post, it could be many seconds or even minutes after stx's ad or another player's ad. Never read in the rules or heard in @@6 that now the time (seconds or minutes) you posted in channel 3 after another player's ad is monitored by mods and can be cause of mute/ban/locking. - I don't know what feels stx when I post in @@3, or what feels some mod. My intention is just advertise the items I'm selling, like any merchant who posts in that channel . I don't see any insult to stx or his alts in my posts and anyway that is not my intention. - I think mods have enough unpaid work being mods in EL for creating more unnecessary work censoring ads in channel 3 or locking players for posting ads in that channel. And it they do it, should be the same for every player so.... If a mod locks me for posting my ad after some player's ad, when I post in channel 3 and that player posts his ad after mine should be locked too.
  11. Susje char locked for posting ads in @@3.

    So now posting ads in @@3 after another player's ad is harassing him? Why then when stouxy posted ads after my posts in @@3 he was not booted? Is different is he does the same as me, or that "unwritten rule" does not apply to him? I want to understand well that rule I supposedly broke so I can #abuse him and mods boot him if he posts in @@3 after my post.
  12. Today I was playing EL with my char Susje as always, when revi PMed me telling that he considers me posting in @@3 after stx was harassing. I told him that some time ago faxie, stouxy and another EL players posted for months in @@3 after my posts there and never heard from a mod that was harassment to me, so I consider posting in @@3 I don't break any rule or the "spirit of rules". On the other hand, in my posts in @@3 there is no stouxy or his alts charnames so thinking I'm harassing him just because he posted some ad in the channel before me seems arbitrary: everyone could be accused of harassment by some bot owner or competitor merchant just for posting in @@3. After posting again my ad in @@3 (without breaking the rules about 5 minutes between ads and all that) appeared that I broke rule about being a troublemaker and was booted by revi. I can't log in again in EL and and EL webpage says my char is locked. Is now posting ads in @@3 a bannable offense? I know revi doesn't feel simpathy for me, but I think posting my ads in @@3 shouldn't be an excuse for booting me from EL and ruining my playtime.
  13. Expiring bots

    Paid for LightPresent, Eternal_Trader and EL_Cid bots. Check your e-mail.
  14. All hydro route to be PK?

    +1. I agree with Wizzy
  15. Alt rules

    The 3 new rules radu wants to add are ok. Probably will harm some players who use that "creative" ways with their alts but seems fair. But... What about some alts used as "spies" (by example in the hydro route and NRM red dragon spawn)? If the new rules forbid using alts as spies for the main char, that would benefit many players (harvesters, FEs and bars mixers, s2es mixers, etc...) and would harm just a few (or maybe one player and his alts). That has been suggested in EL public channels from some time ago, now radu wants to add new rules about alts so it's the perfect time to forbid spy alts.