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  1. Expiring bots

    Paid for LightPresent, Eternal_Trader and EL_Cid bots. Check your e-mail.
  2. All hydro route to be PK?

    +1. I agree with Wizzy
  3. Alt rules

    The 3 new rules radu wants to add are ok. Probably will harm some players who use that "creative" ways with their alts but seems fair. But... What about some alts used as "spies" (by example in the hydro route and NRM red dragon spawn)? If the new rules forbid using alts as spies for the main char, that would benefit many players (harvesters, FEs and bars mixers, s2es mixers, etc...) and would harm just a few (or maybe one player and his alts). That has been suggested in EL public channels from some time ago, now radu wants to add new rules about alts so it's the perfect time to forbid spy alts.
  4. Another connection bug?

    Problem solved, Thanks, radu.
  5. Another connection bug?

    I see... Some player start to flame me in @@6, I reply without using the bad language often they use when talk about me and I am booted while the player who started the flame is not booted. And then you say I abuse everyone in the game. If you don't like me and want to persuade me to quit EL at least say it clearly, no need for excuses like "you are locked often and abuse everyone".
  6. Another connection bug?

    Today, after angler made some nasty comments in @@6 about the way I speak in english was booted by riptide. It has passed more than one hour and I can't connect again. Usually the boots are 20 minutes if I'm not wrong. What is this? A connection problem, a very long boot, a lock?
  7. Char locked

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=susje Radu, my modem or my router can't lock my char in your server. If you are trying to troll me, it doesn't work.
  8. Char locked

    Seriously? And why I can't play in EL again?
  9. Char locked

    I see my char Susje is locked. What's the reason?
  10. Expiring bots

    Yearly bot fees paid for LightPresent, EL_Cid and Eternal_Trader. Check your e-mail for confirmation.
  11. If changing IP doesn't help it seems something more serious than a blacklisted IP. Maybe OVH checks internet provider, operating system?
  12. I agree with Elf_Ninja. Radu doesn't have patience for dealing with player's suggestions and less for people criticizing/trolling him. He needs a Community Manager who gathers the best ideas and suggestions from the players, so the best ones can be part of a future update.
  13. I'll miss you all ...

    Get well soon.
  14. Storage sale.

    Added ogre toes and dung.
  15. Beware of faxie

    Some players keep making false accusations to me or saying I'm attempting to make faxie the bad guy. False acussations and lies without evidences have absolutely no value (you can keep wasting your time telling lies if you want, roman_gruber), but what I'm telling are facts that faxie confessed are true: faxie has been using secretly a script from months ago (maybe years?) what gives him the advantage of adjusting his bot prices automatically and remotely 24/7. His prices are always the best in every item he sells/buys and as far I know, he's the only owner using that kind of script. If that is not trying to control the market, I don't know what is.