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  1. Daily quest suggestion

    Well I just got the boars quest from Haidir again - so I guess I'm done doing the daily quests cause that one is just too aggravating with people yelling that you "took" their boar, and I'm not spending the hours it takes to do it!
  2. Daily quest suggestion

    Oh yes, of course, make the penalty high enough that a newbie couldn't afford it! I, for one, certainly don't mind doing the rats in DP - at least it's a fast quest. But the boars quest with the low spawn and high number of people hunting either needs to be adjusted (increased spawn rate) or changed to lower than 30 boars! As for Xaquelina, how is someone who less than a/d 10/10 carry 40 cactus or has less than a/d 20/20 supposed to do MM? What newbie could afford a MM cloak? Come on people get real and take a look at it from a new person's perspective.
  3. Daily quest suggestion

    This is why there should be an OPT OUT option! And I would think that a "daily" quest may be challenging enough but not so difficult that you couldn't obtain the skills in order to finish it in 24 (real life) hours.
  4. Daily quest suggestion

    What do you mean I'm wrong? Would you like me to post all the the Xaquelina quests that I've gotten?
  5. Daily quest suggestion

    For sure Haidir takes in account the levels of the player for the assignments, but for xaquelina i doubt it. Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but thought maybe a newbie's thoughts would help change things. Xaquelina doesn't look at levels at all. As a newbie I was asked for 40 cactus needles which of course I couldn't carry. I have also been sent to maps that I couldn't really handle and died, got lucky for 1 quest to MM because peace day occurred and I could actually go without dying for a change! Yesterday Haidir was sending players to Laura in PL to kill 30 boars. How many boars spawn on that map - 5 at a time maybe??? There were 20 people on that map hunting and it was a nightmare. If I could have opted out, I certainly would have. Then let's talk about the gc earned for that quest - 300gc for taking hours to finish that one due to the number of players trying to do it, while the easy Kane's 30 rats earns 400gc. If I get assigned the 30 boar one again - I won't do it