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  1. IP Ban

    Hi, I have an IP ban. I tried to use a bot twice - first time I had locked account (Tonzler). Second time, about half year ago, it was an IP ban (don't remember the char name). Recently I logged on a few times on my char (Mung_Dal) from work. Even spend some time on the test server cause I noticed that I'm not banned there. I still like EL. Is it posible to have one char whitelisted on my IP (84.38.21...)? If not - I understand your decission. In that case just please, lock my characters - Thaar and Mung_Dal. I can only promise, that I won't do anything stupid again. Best regards, Karol. PS: If it'd be my last post here - I just want to say sorry to ppl from my guild for not being honest with them.
  2. IP Ban

    I tried it twice and got caught twice, each time after something like a few hours. For me it's a very good reason to not try it again. After 6 months break I know, that what I really miss are not levels, gc and "stuff", but people I meet here... now they probably won't talk to me but mayby after some time .