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  1. So what happens when I sell you my character

    It is another topic for discussion similar like "So what happens when I sell you my character and I do not receive paypal money from buyer". We discuss here about moral aspects stealing character(s) and how to prevent another shit.

  2. Novac gives 3 quests:

    #1 Talk to Novac in Isla Prima, south from the campfire. He will tell you to kill specific creatures one by one. You must do them in this order, and after each kill you must return to Novac to get your experience and the next creature.

    #2 After getting to the Fox part in Novac's first quest, he will give you another quest. This time he needs specific animals for a potion.

    #3 After finishing Novac's combat tutorial quest #2, he will give you another quest. He needs more specific animals for another potion.

    Reason you can't get message- you are trying to complete in wrong order or you are trying to kill another creature.