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  1. eternal lands crash on startup

    find / -name el.ini
  2. eternal lands crash on startup

    ls /usr/share/games/EternalLands/el.ini idk where put game folder in ubuntu eternal-lands.deb package, I use manual instalation
  3. eternal lands crash on startup

    how about el.ini file in your game folder?
  4. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Selling Vegetal Removal Stone. Start price 750Kgc. BIN 805Kgc. Owner is Goga, but he has not account here Type BID here or PM him in game for BIN. Auction complete after 2 days after last BID.
  5. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Auction is closed. Winner is AMAR. PM Goga in game or he PM you.
  6. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Update: start price reduced to 725Kgc
  7. Book of Serpent Sword of Ice If you want to buy this book, post here your price Start price: bot LWD 50000gc
  8. Book of Serpent Sword of Ice (auction)

    sold to FeLkkU.
  9. Book of Serpent Sword of Ice (auction)

    I think, 3 days after last bid
  10. Chat in any language. Now for the Russian.

    In my opinion, this patch is great I tested it on WindowsXP, WindowsVIsta (mingw compiler from Dev-C++ suite). Not found problems, any bugs. It would be great if the patch can be used in Main server. Because, no one with whom to talk in Test server :/ kilolife +1