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  1. trade Inorganic Removal Stone

  2. Vegetal removal for bid

  3. trade Inorganic Removal Stone

    No, sorry. I want to remove my artificial nexus. If you want something else instead 2 serpent stone, pls offer. I have some stones, enrich essences, money, etc. But I do not pay more than nexus transfer stone cost
  4. Selling some sto items

    I can not meet wifi ingame in a week
  5. Selling some sto items

    Hi, I want to buy (prices as NPC sell) 1386 Wine 26 Needle 616 Pickaxe 3 Gemstone hammer & chisel 247 Gem Sanding Paper 5 Saw 13 Mortar & Pestle 2 Hammer 838 Water Essence predefined prices: 13296 Titanium Ore @ 2.5 515 Creature food @ 84 1 Fast Regeneration Cape @ 3200 373 Bones Powder @ 7.5 108 Rope @ 10 207 Mule Glyph @ 204 3045 Dung @ 2.5 pm kapbepucm ingame
  6. PKarrows recipe: is it worth it?

    "PKarrows recipe: is it worth it?" No, it is money burning.
  7. [Very minimal] Eternal Lands client for Android

    Can I use this client on main server or test server only?
  8. Buying toads in a bag

    what prices?
  9. Selling some Animal stuff

    I want to buy 2951 Bones 2.5gc ea, pm kapbepucm ingame
  10. Storage sale!

    I want to buy: 2588 Bones @ 2.5 4 Steel Two Edged Sword @ 1100 pm kapbepucm ingame
  11. 50k AE auction

    If noone bid, can I buy 30K AE @ 10gc?

  13. New item: Guild Stones

    BJumper can not get stuff, but can lock your bag just staying on it and require something like this: "pay me or bag will dissapear!"
  14. Some armors/weapons

    I want to buy: 11 Steel Two Edged Sword @ 1100 gc 1 Used Steel Two Edged Sword @ 550gc 7 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword @ 400gc and You started to harvest Iron Ore. @ 3gc pm kapbepucm ingame
  15. Storage Sale

    I want to buy: Bones Powder 7.5gc Empty Vial 5gc Skeleton Key 150gc Thread 2gc pm kapbepucm ingame
  16. Selling some stuff

    I want to buy: Gem Sanding Paper @ NPC Price Hammer @ NPC price Gemstone hammer & chisel @ NPC Price Bones 2.5gc Pking arrows 35gc Steel Two Edged Sword 1100gc Air Essence 9.5gc Fire Essence 5gc Cockatrice Feather 90gc Thread 2gc PM kapbepucm ingame
  17. Making gold undropable

    great idea, radu!
  18. Mage/healer class, reloaded

    http://eternal-lands.com/ "There are no fixed class restrictions, so you can develop your character in any way you wish." http://www.eternal-l...showtopic=57539 "I was thinking about making a mage/healer class."
  19. Mule level update

    We need text message on mule LVL up too
  20. Auction 100.000 Energy Essence

    I want to buy 10K EnE, can you sell me?
  21. changing passwords.

    It would be nice to have a mechanism for password recovery, too...
  22. Book of Serpent Sword of Magic

    Selling Book of Serpent Sword of Magic for 49Kgc. Pls pm me ingame or visit to Collardhills bot in Bethel feros cave.
  23. Book of Serpent Sword of Magic