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  1. Auction 100k FEs

  2. Auction 100k FEs

  3. Entire mix list cleared

    try to delete recipes_*.dat and recreate mix list
  4. Possible Invance Rehab?

    Make new special invance "save Melinis" parallel to "save Iscarlith". Melinis with your innovations, Iscarlith stay as is. Lets see what ppl choose
  5. Start BID: 950k Increments: 5k BIN: 1 mil Auction ends: 15 September, Sunday 21:00 GMT+2 For more details contact Demitry ingame.
  6. Sell Vegetal Removal stone (auction)

    auction closed
  7. New lenny messages

    Great idea Aquila
  8. Small sto sale

    I want to buy: 871 Iron Ore @ 4gc 1252 Silver Ore @ 2.5gc 254 Pickaxe @ 15gc 7 Bones @ 2.5gc pm kapbepucm ingame
  9. trade Human Removal Stone

    I trade my [1 Human Removal Stone + 2 serpent stones] for your [1 Artificial Removal Stone]. Leave message here or pm kapbepucm ingame. I can change [2 serpent stones] bonus for something else if you want.
  10. trade Human Removal Stone

  11. hydro nexus auction

    I sell 500 hydro ores start price 725Kgc (1450gc ea) increase bid 10Kgc ends 3 days after last bid
  12. hydro nexus auction

    Auction closed.
  13. Magic Removal Stone Auction

  14. Remove Ingore levels from Dragons

    unpinable RD on PK only... You really like this idea?
  15. Magic Removal Stone Auction

  16. Magic Removal Stone Auction

  17. Magic Removal Stone Auction

  18. share bot

    Player1 and Player2 are independend friend players (have different IP, live in another countries, etc) and sometimes make non-proportional trades. They want create share alt player3 for future bot making. It means player1 and player2 login to player3 account. My question- can player1 trade with player2 after this share episode?
  19. Want to Sell

    I want to buy: 1000 Coal @2.5 6000 Silver Ore @2.5 7 Silver Ring @[your offer] pm kapbepucm ingame
  20. Are making vials worth it?

    selling ings and buying from Closca is more profitable: closca sell 5gc ea mixing cost: 1 FE (5gc)+2x quartz (1.5-2gc)+ food+ vial mold break chanse (1/2500) P.S.: If you want crafting exp, you can buy crafting book from profit gold
  21. Gold for advertising

    If you sell gc to player it is not making inflation, because this deal do not increase or decrease global gold coins count in game. Inflation raise disbalansed incoming (drop from mobs, money from NPC, and now money from radu) and outcoming gc streams (buying stuff from NPC). Ppl have big count of gc, all want to buy, noone want to sell, prices grow.
  22. Nexus potions

    1 nexus cost 725000gc 1 nexus potion cost 15000gc why so cheap?
  23. Gold for advertising

    I vote "No", because entering new gold coins raise inflation in game.
  24. trade Inorganic Removal Stone

    I trade my [1 Inorganic Removal Stone + 2 serpent stones] for your [ 1 Artificial Removal Stone]. Leave message here or pm kapbepucm ingame.