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  1. Manufacturers/Crafters/Tailors/Summoners contests

    Don't mind contributing just curious how/where you would store all the goodies. I've got a lot of stuff I don't use and some extras of other things that might be helpful.
  2. Vacation

    Keep travelling. Enjoy the difference/adventure. Do well. May the sun smile down upon your face, the road never wander more than you want to, GL, and all that.
  3. Get all, doesn't get all...

    I use "get all" frequently, and for the longest time thought I just wasn't keeping track of what I had vs. what was in bag. But, it is clear that using this option doesn't always add all items to inventory. Usually it's gc so minor thing, but lately I've noticed that creature items (like Feran horns) aren't added all the time either. Haven't tried using "click on each item" to load inventory so not sure if it's a general issue or just with "get all".
  4. #1 Day of Schools Stone

    500 HE's ready to be donated. Let me know when/where (how).
  5. Food Level limit...

    So, I'm sitting here, waiting for time to pass while my avatar studies yet another book, and it finally dawned on me why the food level never gets higher [like other attributes]. There's no reason to allow someone to leave the game running "idle" while they finish a book (or any other task). I always thought it would be nice to be able to boost food for mixing or even just going off on a mission, so not to have to worry about running out of "food". But, there are plenty of places to replenish, and if the EMU for food is too much for you to carry, then you're likely not ready to do what it is you are setting out for. The "regular" interruptions to prevent someone from just "letting it run" to maximize points is a great way to make sure that only active players are able to gain the most from playing the game. May seem silly, but I thought it worth mentioning.
  6. EL birthday contest

    Was this popular? Successful? The reason I ask is that it is similar to the action I have proposed for DropBot. First, I think this is great; second, I hadn't seen it before so is not related to proposed bot dev;, and third, don't expect the DropBot to be doing anything to this level of "goodies" any time soon. Just wondering. I don't want to detract from the excellent work Entropy has done for EL, or imply any credit to myself.
  7. DropBot

    Thanks for all the replies. Yep, losing items that are dropped is definitely an issue, I'd hate to see highly valued items disappear like that. Additionally, since there is no control on bags, anyone can grab them and a single player could get all the goodies. If I can't get approval from Entropy for the bot to relocate after dropping a bag I'll have to reconsider the whole "Bag-Fest" idea. I've never tried "tinkerbell"; guess I should have a look at that bot before doing this so it isn't a duplicate of operation. Basically I was trying to come up with something "new" that everyone could enjoy.
  8. win 7 64 bit

    I apologize in advance for suggesting this... but - set the shortcut/exe to run in "comparability mode" just to make sure it isn't a Windows 7 64bit process problem Right-click on shortcut for properties; select "Comparability" tab for options... Good luck, and good gaming once you get it running.
  9. Guild storage protocol/conduit proposal

    Help me out here, really. I am considering a bot that will "trade" freely with any and all players - with severe limitations. For example: 10 items per trade, 10 trades per hour. Is it going to be too much to track?
  10. Request for comments on a bot-only area

    To answer the general question... No, I don't think a "bot only" map is needed. Create a character on the test server, work out "features" via - "please don't ban me" discussions with admins.
  11. Request for comments on a bot-only area

    Your description allows for many different bots, not just one. If, perchance, you have actually implemented any of these schemes or operations I would most certainly be interested. Selfishly, in order to implement a bot of such capability, and selflessly just to see something like this working with EL. However, in general, I think the "AI" (ant project) is something that fits your expectations. [see revi comment prior].
  12. DropBot

    I'm hoping it will be much better than the "noob" bags of bread and gold on IP, and more fun than the Jester hunt and lottery.
  13. DropBot

    I am working on the outline for a bot that will: accept items and distribute them... like Jester/Lottery, but allows gifting to other players (with limitations). There will be no gain or benefit to the bot, the guild, or whomever is hosting the bot. The main idea is that the bot will collect items from any player and once "loaded" will drop them for others to gather. I know it sounds dumb but... I've given many items to other players without really caring or knowing who they are. There is a concern about promoting "bag jumping", or "bag spamming", and I'm totally against that. Every once-in-a-while, there will be a "festival". The bot will announce what the "best item" in inventory is and drop bags for anyone to collect. Many rules will be in place to prevent abuse, or useless festivals. For further details refer to http://www.uthynq.com/JBDoc/index.php?title=DropBot - please don't abuse the wiki As a real-world experiment, "Bag-Fest" events will be provided in the next few weeks to determine interest and gather feedback. Any input regarding this endeavor is appreciated.
  14. win 7 64 bit

    @Promose - from what you have posted you are NOT connecting with the server; you would get a "green text" message after "Connecting to server..." if successful. Port 2001 should be fine. Just above that line is the name of the server you are trying to connect to - it should be "#server_address = game.eternal-lands.com". From the DOS prompt use "ping game.eternal-lands.com" (no quotes) to make sure you can access the server. You should get a series of reply messages (time to access) if all is well. If that fails you're dealing with a system setup limitation, perhaps your firewall. Are you using a "short-cut" to launch the game? make sure the "Start in" (working directory) is set to the folder/path where you installed EL. I use 32 bit system so there may be 64 bit specific issues but from what I've heard should work same for everyone... Hope that helps.