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  1. General axe book!

  2. Alduron's Alchemy Service

    great service alduron! quick...easy.....its all perfect keep up the good work
  3. Buying 40 iron swords

    stupid attack god quest >.>
  4. How Rich Are You?

    fight atm i have 164k...had 500k long time ago items: 4 full plate set 10 serp 6 tit chain ( -.- ) alot of mm/mirror/bp capes you get the point.....
  5. server down?

    yup server down
  6. Emathug A.k.a Bufu

    Sorry to get to you alittle late but EmaThuG is a huge scammer
  7. dash 665 bag thief

    Again with IP's foolishness...hes already in enought trouble with alot of guilds <_< And Herny...what if you need to train? Dieing cant always be avoided
  8. Rohan18=Stole 2.2k

    Scamming is not illegal i kill evil and IP so tell me when they on pk XD
  9. Alduron's Alchemy Service

    Mark me up for 1000 HE
  10. madable weapon

    RatZ0rz has 2 modable tit longs
  11. Steel2Edge of Fire!

  12. Another wedding!

    I Knew It Would Happenz ..................Eventually
  13. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    *just noticed alot of TC members are in* w00t! Add AnOtHeR TC MeMBeR!!!! >.< Guller of course :-P
  14. New items

    its fur clothes...simple
  15. It's awesome.

    Pointless DOnpedro would be even more unstoppable x.x