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  1. PLESE UBAN :)

    I read the rules, and regrets very much what I did ,never again will break any rules, Please unbans my character I was very grateful , <please> . Sorry for another post I wrote I do not know English well, if committing any mistakes I apologize because I write with translator.
  2. PLESE UBAN :)

    Hello Sorry for my bad behavior Gural's , I promise I will never do anything more games Regulations , Please Handle Post. And Please Uban for My Har GuRaL ... Thanks in advance
  3. ban

    PLEASE uban My Har . I dont make PROBLEMS , PLEASE
  4. ban

    I am doing the problems?
  5. ban

    Herount to byla kiedys moja postac ,ale jakis gracz ukradl mi ja
  6. ban

    Witam mój nick to Gural. Kilka miesięcy temu dostalem bana z dnia na dzień. Nie mam pojęcia jaką zasadę złamałem. Czy mogł bym poprosić o wyjaśnienie?