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  1. My character was banned.

    Just a quick question for my own knowledge. If he created a new character, could that be considered a breech of in game rule #24? "24. No Skirting Punishments. Do not attempt to create additional accounts if you have been banned or suspended. Seeking loopholes to any punishment can result in permanent bans from both the Eternal Lands Forums and game."
  2. Whats your favorate band?

    Warp 11
  3. Now Open To The Public

    Now Open to the public Alch Inc. We will accept 2 orders at a time. Prices may vary. ***Limit of 5k On These Essences Per Order*** Fire Essence: 4.5gc Matter Essence: 7gc Health Essence: 5gc Air Essence: 8gc Magic Essence: 11gc Water Essence: 7gc Energy Essence: 7gc ***Limit of 2.5k On These Essences Per Order*** Life Essence: 7gc Death Essence: 15gc Requires 5gc deposit per essence Spirit Essence: Please buy at the magic shops in WSC @ 9gc each, as I cannot beat that price.. ***Limit of 1k Bars Per Order*** Iron Bar: ?gc Steel Bar: ?gc Silver Bar: ?gc Gold Bar: ?gc Titanium Bar: ?gc We are currently sick of bars... and wish not to make them right now... If you MUST have them you cam PM us ingame for our Highway Robbery Special Pricing. If you have any questions, or have a special request, please PM me in forum or game. Orders status: All Orders - Completed In the past we have maintained about a 3 day turn around on all orders... this will probably be extended to 1.5-2 weeks, due to RL obligations. This entry will be updated as status changes.
  4. New magic weapons (idea, need suggestions/feedbak)

    I've seen people asking for poison weapons. Perhaps various levels, or cumulitive (one point per successful hit per min for 30 mins... 3 hits would be 90 MP over 30 mins)
  5. Very confusing science question

    Time travel does exist, and it happens all the time. We just all tend to move forward through it at about the same rate.
  6. tomj death bag jumper

    Most players are not in the newb channel, so it is possible he didn't see it (or he could just be mean). Next time you might try to PM him also. Dan582 seems to have had the same problem with him... Hmm...
  7. How about Sparring?

    They have been working on a Dueling feature that would do that. Look in programming for more detail. Or click here.
  8. Now Open To The Public

    No... We are taking a break from bars... if you really must have them from us we will charge you way too much. Please check the first post in this thread for changes in prices and status.
  9. School Shooting

    Wow! ttlanhil, I think that you and I are really close to agreeing on all of this. My only problem is I don't trust the US government to administer such a program... I don't have a better process in mind yet, but I'm still thinking about it and will post when I have something.
  10. School Shooting

    I'm not a gun freak... so all someone would have to do to win me over is say "insted of trying to ban, lets have BIG penalties" 5 years minimum for haveing an unsecured loaded weapon in a household or vehicle when there are children 15 years if it results in their injury Life if it results in death In California we have a 3 strikes law.. if you commit 3 violent felonies, life automatically. I would like to count two strikes for any felony that included the use of a firearm.
  11. School Shooting

    Great! I'll be happy to look at your examples... Please include how long they have not felt oppressed and how long they actually have not been oppressed (those can be two totally different things). Oh, and what safeguards they have against someone bad stepping in and taking freedoms away. I think it's wonderful that different countries develop different solutions. Every country should choose their own solutions, with minimal interference from outside forces. Just for clarification, I don't think that any system of government is more or less evil than any other, but rather that some are more open to tyranny than others. ttlanhil - I'm very sorry, I neglected to respond to one of your replies. I think you may be right in a way. That a media (movies, music, games, as well as 'News') that is full of violence and glorifies it, without the constant guidance and counterpoint from caring responsible adults, probably does negatively affect our young people. That is really sad, isn't it? Would you agree that we should all step and care more about each other... and that might help things? Or do you have another solution in mind to reduce the violent feelings in young people. I think that is the real cause of school violence, guns just magnify the problem. EDIT -- spelling errors ... sorry everyone.. lol
  12. School Shooting

    You mean the founding fathers of USA were suffering from an advanced form of paranoia? LOL... That is definitely one way to look at it. If you look at the entire history of government very few had attempted to allow the people to govern themselves. And those that had, at that point, were not yet proven over time or had failed. So they set up a document that would be difficult to change from it's original intent, and give people the explicit right to overthrow their government if someone or some group in power tried to abuse the people. They felt, and I believe that they were right, that if the people didn't have a way to seize power from the government that the government would eventually have all the power. You are more than welcome to disagree with that assertion, I'm just grateful there hasn't been a need for Proof of Concept.
  13. Tried of Buying HE? Here are free

    Oooo... let me get 1k EDIT -- I'm Kenneth916 ingame also.
  14. School Shooting

    I might personally support the limitation to non-automatic weapons... and I definitely would agree that owners of weapons secure them and know their proper handling procedures. I'm not sure that I would want the government to be the ones doing it (government has proved its incompetence too often). I think that you will find that most people who hold the ability to bare arms as important are not big on the recent changes in our law enforcements powers after 9/11 (at least that is my experience). I don't have a firearm, but I would fight against our government if it became tyrannical (I don't believe that it has.), even if it meant my life. Still I feel that we are missing the major issue here. Why are some young people acting out with violence in ways that they didn't used to? And what can be done to heal the sick children out there before they take action? I don't know any children who have done this, but it wouldn't suprise me to find out that they didn't feel loved.
  15. El has the same phys law that RL?

    TY Ent for that explanation. I can now rest soundly, knowing that we are not breaking these important laws.
  16. School Shooting

    Quick snapshot of US history: During the creation of the Constitution of the United States of America and our Declaration of Independence for that matter, the creators were profoundly aware that government itself was dangerous. That it is within nature of government to is strip away the rights from its citizens. To limit this new governments ability to subjugate us, they added a few safeguards. One of those was how carefully and clearly they stated that this government was to serve the people and not the other way around. Another was the right to keep arms. This right was not curtailed, so that if the need came we could exercise our right to overthrow our own tyrannical government. To this day our armed forces do not take an oath to Congress, or the President, but rather to the documents that ensure that basic freedoms remain the citizen's and not the government's. This is why you see such reluctance to many forms of gun control in the US. Once our government starts making rules regarding it, they will keep making rules until no one has the ability to stand against their government if the need arises. Those of us who still feel the need to hold onto these rights, would rather see greater penalties for misuse than removing rights to ownership.
  17. School Shooting

    I understood your meaning, but this statement was too broad and was therefore inaccurate. Some guns are designed to shoot flares into the air, start races, secure wood to concrete, protect livestock from predators, or kill food for human consumption. And that doesn't even get into the recreational uses like target shooting. I have however found little (what I would call) legitimate use for Assault riffles, hand grenades or tanks when owned by private citizens.
  18. Map downloads

    Sulfur is on the Northern wall of Crystal Caverns, just a little West of center... I hope that helps a little...
  19. Now Open To The Public

    Burnout's order completed and delivered.
  20. School Shooting

    This is a very unfortunate thing, that was made worse by guns. If it hadn't been guns, it would have been knives or explosives. If we focus too much on the gun aspect we will miss the most important part "What can we do to help our young people stay away from violent acts?". So that we can prevent the violance in the first place.
  21. Now Open To The Public

    It's a lot of work, but yeah it's ok gc.. I may start looking for employees if anyone is interested PM me ingame sometime...
  22. Is Irillion livable...

    I visited Irillion when it was first implemented, and there were no NPC's or storage or anything. I understand that NPC's have been added for a while now. I have a few questions about Irillion: Are all of the flowers, ores and minerals also on Irillion or is it that some of them don't exist on Irillion? When you die in Irillion do you go to an underworld beneath Irillion, or the same old one in IP? About how many people are actuall 'living' on Irillion?
  23. Now Open To The Public

    Burnout - 1k Energy Ess - accepted WizzKidd - 1k Iron and 1k Steel - accepted
  24. #Guild Message of the Day

    Just a thought... Maybe Guild Welcome... #change_welcome <message> #welcome to view the welcome message if you missed it... I REALLY like the Idea.. Good one Ember!
  25. What would be a good guild for younger players. I've had several young adults ask if they can join my guild, and I cannot say yes because our GM is geared for older people. Where can I refer these excellent candidates? Thanks, Kenneth916