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  1. Crafting update?

    TOPIC IS DONE THIS I STOPED PLAYING THIS GAME AND LOL @ RADU he can't even delet alt he asked me to pay him for deleting char lol
  2. Crafting update?

    small or not i still think rings are to expensive and a change is needed
  3. Crafting update?

    I think i should remake a poll and just ask one question and two answer. Do you think rings ingredients or to costy? - Yes - No - - - - - - Because i think rings are to expensive and should cost less. make them more usable and dont make people cry or even think about using one. C1 rings could worth ~50-100 gc & C2 rings could worth ~100-200gc Reducing ingredients cost and and NPC price. And see how we could work to make them more attractive and also be able to sell them and so people would maybe think to buy them too if they are cheaper than now. I wonder howmany people use ring to move instead of just using mm rings when you go in invance? Ungoliant
  4. Crafting update?

    Shouldn't that be: Ring of Anitora: 20+gc if you harvest all the FREE ingre & mix them yourself (Price based on the cost of the gem sanders, plus some delta for broken picks and ring molds). Ingredients are not free if you want to sell the rings after.
  5. Crafting update?

    Okay, sorry again for my very bad english, my brother isn't here anymore to help me. To be honest i don't like how this is going, i will probaly change the poll. I want a change on rings ingredients to make them more affordable for everyone in game. Rings hydro in my mind could be a nice idea to make ring more attractive but its still not my point i want to make the currents teleport rings profitable. And Revi if you see people selling ring under NPC price its to cover a little there lost. Better making few gc than nothing at all... And why no change option in the poll because i started it to see and discuss about what kind of change could be possible. Radu is open for a change so yes if we can work with him and see how to improve the game and making it more enjoyable why not And to me the best way to make ring more attrative and easyer to sell them and easyer to buy them its to reduce ingre cost, increase the amount the silver/gold ring recipe give, reduce npc price, reduce npc price of Gem Sanding Paper. Rings should be really easy to get and use them more often than only buying tp essences. I know there is other skill that need a check. but we can't change everything now we can do 1 at time. I did actually calculed all the ingre cost for most of the skill i am almost done and i will post soon my result. Ungoliant
  6. Crafting update?

  7. Crafting update?

    Previous post : http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60453
  8. Crafting update?

    I think it is not realistic to augment the NPCs prices, 350 is already much just for 1 ring. it is already hard to sell rings right now, i dont think that rising the prices up are a good way for us to sell and to buy. To level up your crafting skill you need to make thousands, so it would be better to reduce the cost of the ingredient needed to make them.
  9. Crafting update?

    Thanks for responding and giving me your comments. OK first things first, i am not complaining about the NPC's prices, i wonder if we could change the way we make rings(the receipe), so they would be cheaper to make at least the same cost as the NPCs, preferably a little less so we can make a little profit. My prices are made with the ingredient if you get them yourself.(gold, sulfur, iron, etc...) To correct the rings's prices their is a simple way, instead of taking the actual receipe, for instance 1 silver ring=3fire essences and 2 silver bars, for those ingredients we could say that we could make as an exemple 10 silver rings instead of 1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ring of Anitora: 350gc if you buy from NPC Ring of Anitora: 691gc if you buy ingre from NPC and mix them Ring of Anitora: 430gc if you harvest all ingre & mix them yourself (Price based on primary ingredients (Coal/flower/iron/etc...) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- thanks again and sorry for my english Ungoliant
  10. Crafting update?

    https://gyazo.com/67f71ba39bd7608b09f8f325fbdc20aa HI everyone, this a comparative list of the rings's prices. the list compares the prices of the rings made by yourselves with the prices if you buy rings throught NPCs. I realized that it costs more to make one, than the NPCs actually sell them, for most of the rings. I think it would be usefull to update those recipe so that people who actually craft can better sell their crafted items. Tell me what do you think about that. Radu told me to write this post, if we are enough to agree on the subject he would update it. Thanks for reading and commenting Ungoliant.
  11. EL 1.9.4 final client released

    Hi since new update, i can't log on anymore. i did download the new patch. can someone help me? NVM / i uninstalled it and now it working.
  12. New perk ideas

    Looter get twice gold from monster and +10% chance find rare items 7 PP + 250Kgc --- Ambidextrous Allow you to fight with 2 swords. 10 PP + 100K --- Big Belly 2 Add 100 Food level (New max food level 200 ) 40 Orange --- Power Hungry Conssume 2 food instead of 3 3 PP --- Endurance Reduce food by 60% for 'Potion of speed Hax' 50K Fruits + 50K veg + 500 Potions + 1 PP + 25Kgc
  13. Storage Cleanout

    Clothes: 2 Black Baggy Pants 58 Racoon hat 1 Black Cavalier Peacock Hat 13 Fur Hat 1 Gray Robe Skirt 41 Skunk hat 1 Black white skirt 2 White Robe Skirt 1 Green Cavalier Peacock Hat 1 Black Tricorn Hat 1 Brown Robe 1 Brown Buccaneer Hat 1 Black vest 1 Blue Robe Skirt 1 Purple Robe Skirt 1 Black Robe Skirt 13 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Green Robe Skirt 1 Green Robe 14 Fur Pants 1 Black Blue Striped Baggy Pants 2 Blue Tricorn Hat 2 Blue Cavalier Hat 1 Black Cavalier Hat 1 Black Red Striped Baggy Pants 1 Lavender Tunic 1 Black Robe 1 Red Robe Skirt 1 Purple Robe 2 Red Robe 10 Fur Boots 1 Fur Torso 32 Warm Fur Gloves 6 Brown Tricorn Hat 2 White Red Striped Baggy Pants 1 White Robe 1 Yellow Robe 18 Fox Scarf 1 Light Blue Robe Skirt 1 White gold wedding dress 1 Blue Robe 1 Yellow Robe Skirt 2 Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants 1 Brown Baggy Pants 1 Brown Robe Skirt 1 White silver wedding dress 1 Red pink skirt 1 Red pink dress 1 Gray Robe 1 Red Scarf 1 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Skull Crossbones Scarf
  14. Selling Gold Crown and Tiara

    Gold Tiara Sold I can Trade Gold crown for 30 Oranges
  15. Minimum 100Kgc each Maximum 250Kgc each Gold Tiara C/o = 100Kgc Gold Crown C/o = 0Kgc