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  1. EFE's giveaway

  2. Live Stream Event

    This is one of the best opportunities EL will ever be faced with. We gotta make the best of this and hopefully gain some attention. New players never hurt, and we sure could use some. I hope we get alot of eyes on it and continue to grow, EL is one of (If not THE best) MMORPG on the market IMO. We deserve this <3
  3. Small sell

    Selling... 61k Tree Mushroom 11k White Chanterelle 500 Polished Ruby 36 Silver Medallion Conjurer Cloak 470 Feran Horns (SOLD) 844 Leather (SOLD) 690 Ashes 4 Leonard Fur 415 Bones Book of Cyc Fighting 4 Books of Ti long Thermal 6 Books of Ti short Magic 5 Books of Ti short ice 68 Potion of Vitality 136 Potion of manu. 27 White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract Anything you wanna buy, pm me in game @ Tap. Ill be on for the next few hours.
  4. Tap Banned

    Ok, I would like to start off saying that I am sorry for what I have done. Me and ShawnM are budd's irl, we both love this game and want nothing more then to be apart of this great community. Me and ShawnM log on each others computers with our chars from time to time when lets say I stay the night at his house or vice versa. Well I failed to realize if I were to log onto his IP, even just 1 time. That me and him were NEVER aloud to trade. I would also like to say that i really didnt think him letting me use some items for a minute would get me here. I just bought that character and got name change+p2p change. And Tap is the strongest character i have ever had. And I wanted to kill some higher lvl creatures. Well Shawn lemme use Titanium armor, col, and cutty. I was letting him use that stuff to sell Shawnm anyways, because his character would be worth nothing without a storage. Well i gave him his items back and apparently that did it for me. I honestly don't care about my alts. I have no problems sticking with one character. I have had no problems getting along in the EL community. I'm sorry for breaking rule 5, I have re-read the rule and completely understand why I was banned. Please consider my request and get back to me ASAP. Ty all, Tap
  5. Tap Banned

  6. Tap Banned

    What I fail to understand is....ok basically what your saying is ShawnM was middleman correct? Ok, I bought gc's from unofficial and gave Shawnm some. Now if i wanted to get some items or gc's to my alts. Dont you think i would have just asked the GC seller to give my alt some and give my main char the rest?? And you keep going on about "Trading before, after char swap" I didn't trade items to Shawnm. The guy who traded me wulfgar got both my chars storages. I did not trade items to shawn to give to wulfgar. I always gave shawnm gold, and maybe a few lesser items but I have not cheated or middleman'd or anyhting in rule 5 >=/ Also here is this: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51311 Thats a link to another persons bann forum. You guys can make mistakes and probably do. I think this is one of those mistakes. Me and Shawn love this game and want nothing more to continue playing. But in the end your the boss and you will do what you think is right. Thank you for your time, Tap
  7. Tap Banned

    Shawnm gave harmz 1kgc to get icd perk..and some training armor. And shawnm gave Tap(Wulfgar) the armor to kill high lvl creatures. I really don't know what else to say honestly, ive told you i know what i did and im sorry for it. But you said I traded FROM jerold,hermit. TO Wulfgar(Tap)??? How when i traded 2 chars for 1 and i gave pass first?
  8. Tap Banned

    I didnt trade any items between my chars...oO Hermit was a badass ranger. Bought him with almost 600k on him, I got hermit a bow, col etc.. In fact you can ask the person i sell to, grael or somthin like that, f34rme is who i talked to, but both chars had nice sto's, Jerold had col, titanium armor etc.. I didnt trade anything to Tap whatsoever. Tap has no storage at all. Thats why i barrowed Shawn's stuff to fight strong creatures. Tap's best armor is steel greave, and when i got him it was used and i fix it :/ *Edit: What you say is not possible because I traded my 2 chars, Jerold, Hermit. For Tap. And I had to give my pw's first.
  9. Tap Banned

    And what stuff did i get on tap from my other chars??
  10. Tap Banned

    I really don't know how to stress this anymore...but like I said, we USED to do that. And I understand you said that it only takes one time and its considered your alt. But he is not my alt and thats the reality of it. He is not my middleman. I usually buy some gc's from time to time to buy expensive items, such as armor, col, sword, nmt etc...and i almost always gave ShawnM some because like I said we are rl buddies. And he does favors for me in rl so I kinda use EL as a payment method to him. I broke rules and i'm sorry. I can promise there will be no more interaction between us. Whatsoever, not for a pickaxe, not for 5gc's. Never again. I truly and honestly didnt know I was in violation by trading him, I thought if we didnt log on each others IP's then we were ok, because we havent been on eachothers IP's in some time. And that I know is a fact. Me and Shawn wanna come back, so lets get this sorted out and find some kind of agreement because we both miss playing. (And I was banned 3-4 hours ago -_-) Tap