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  1. hey id like to cancel my oder cause i found another seller and got it a little cheaper if im not allowed to cancel its fine ill still buy since i posted let me knw please
  2. Cannot Connect

    same here got dced
  3. i would like to buy 9700 coal 1500 blue quartz 1500 sulfer 4800 swamp candles total 34040
  4. New Eternal Lands Content

    your ideas are very good i hope to see them soon in EL. lower the drops of them though a little seems like there a little to high unless you put a cap on how many times he can be killed a day etc.
  5. sto sale

    Food: 215 Wine 229 Fruits 1816 Vegetables 947 Toadstool 94 Potion of Feasting Flowers: 761 Blue Lupine 127 Lilacs 128 Cactus 947 Toadstool 290 Chrysanthemum Ores: 9444 Silver Ore Weapons: 2022 Bones 8 Wooden Staff 2 Iron Sword 2 Wooden Battle Hammer 1 Steel Long Sword 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword Armor: 1 Steel Greave 1 Damaged Red Dragon Cuisses 11 Leather Gloves 1 Padded Leather Armor 6 Augmented Leather Pants 2 Leather Boots 1 Augmented Leather Armor 1 Steel Shield 1 Steel Chain Mail Magic: 2 Moon Medallion 4 A/D Indicator 1 Hellspawn removal 9 Unicorn Medallion 3 Ring of Power 1 Ring of White Stone 2 Ring of Valley of the Dwarves Essences: 224 Matter Essence 40 Death Essence 3 Spirit Essence 3 Energy Essence Potions: 5 Potion of Defense 15 Potion of Mana 161 Poison Antidote 126 Potion of Spirit Restoration 11 Potion of Minor Healing 94 Potion of Feasting Animal: 6 Snow Leopard fur 2022 Bones 76 Raw Meat 35 Hawk Feather 62 Wolf Fur 11 Skunk fur 9 Deer Antlers 1 Feran Horn 19 Deer Fur 5 Puma Fur 20 Racoon fur Clothes: 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Padded Leather Armor 6 Augmented Leather Pants 2 Leather Boots 1 Augmented Leather Armor Misc: 15 Empty Vial 3 Bones Powder Books: 1 Book of Potion of Summoning 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 1 Book of Potion of Physique 1 Book of Bear Summoning 1 Book of Crafting Potion Jewelry: 1 Polished Sapphire make offers on everything please w me in game or on here ty
  6. ok i see wat ur saying so how about where theres a new spell like mi but ci conjure immunity and its just like mi it would be helpfull for everyone imo
  7. its not summoning really its conjuring another weapon and there would be no magic to stop it and the weapon would last so long and yes u would be able to farm if u got the levels high enough and i talked to radu and said maybe make a new kind of ess/pot to use that would be more expensive etc at low levels it would be a gc sink like always yes but higher the level the better off you are. yes there would be cost it would not be able to kill a dragon in 5 seconds but it would help hurt the dragon alot if u had the levels pretty much wat im saying is the higher level the more damage/longer the item lasts so its up to u if u wanna be able to farm with it
  8. How would all of you like to see a new skill called conjuration? conjuration is where you will be able to temporaraly summon a weapon or armour for x ammount of seconds and the higher the level the more dmage and it will do better damage than bronze sword but will last for a certain ammount of seccond. for example level 1 summon sword that does 1-3 damage and last 15 seconds and get x exp and as levles go on u can summon better and better weapons and soon be able to conjur weapons better then bronze sword also at higher levels u will be able to conjur armour for a certain ammount of time that will go over the armour u already wear but add + attributes to it what if there was a cooldown on the weapons for x ammount of time and realize the conjured weapons will only last x amount of time so it would only be better thenbronze sword for that time then there is cooldown so it would be where u hae to know the time to use it etc wat do u think?
  9. infamous votd sto

    I would like to thank infamous for hosting mini contests at votd storage we all had fun
  10. Testing maps for 1.90 update

    http://i41.tinypic.com/t7y808.jpg thelinor pk tavern the rock is covering the edge of tavern 277 128 portland the cabbage has a whole through it and the wheel is inside of the cabbage http://i44.tinypic.com/2n7qsl5.jpg http://i40.tinypic.com/xerkvt.jpg
  11. daily quests

    ent its definatly worth expanding i personally love it gives us something to do if were bored i would liek to see 1-2 dailys for each skill THANK YOU
  12. http://www.mpogd.com/games/game.asp?ID=1593 here thats quicker link to vote
  13. advertising is the main key so aislin wat can u do for advertisment?
  14. Update 190 preliminary test

    white stone near 622 165 idk if this is bug or not
  15. If you choose to buy all ingredients, then yes, it is difficult to obtain a profit. If there were a substantial profit to be made from clicking the mix button once, I assure you, more players would do the same until market price plummeted down to the cost of ingredients (or less, given the players' valuation of the received manufacturing experience). It's simple game theory. You lose all competitive advantage by buying the ingredients. What you consider a loss is made up by others in terms of opportunity cost, rather than actual gc (or $) expenditure. Long ago, there were only a few top manufacturers who could collude to keep prices inclusive of some profit. With such a relatively small barrier to entry nowadays, and so many high level manufacturers, each player has incentive to undercut the next. Moving back toward the topic at hand, you can perhaps spend some time on Isla Prima offering weapons and armor which are not produced at a loss (those under the iron greaves you mentioned) to new players in exchange for some items you need, such as fire essences or iron ore. If 10 extra new players are added to EL each day as a result of your efforts, that is a lot of potential resources (both rare and ordinary) entering the game. These same players will want to buy armor as well. Suddenly, some time spent on Isla Prima drives your manufacturing business and helps EL as a whole. This is time far better spent than wasting time making the same complaints time and time again that nobody buys your armor. that last part is a wonderfull idea people do not understand the more people we get the lower prices will go because people will be able to sell easier and get more of it and people wont ahve to fork over large ammounts of gc for stuff the more people the less money so HELP NOOBS IN IP all u can