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  1. Problem with log in [CLOSED]

    show me this rule pls copy it here and only 1 person was using phax you can cheak it easy if you are mod just look at IP
  2. Problem with log in [CLOSED]

    rule 4 tell us that gms not responsible for what happens when you insist on doing this stuff so why did you lock account ? it dont tell that you will ban account if some1 will share btw the other things is that i never was on phax account and how you know that i break this rule?
  3. Problem with log in [CLOSED]

    I cant log in my main account on this computer, when i am looking in work i can log in this account (Phax), in home i can log in other account but not Phax... why i cannot log in if i write good pass and nick. I had ban log time ago, for not respect rulez and i had baned ip, but i promise to respect rulez and Gm unbaned me....
  4. Mods Look To This!

    so what with Glenn? you will never unblock him?, make to him the present and give last chances please
  5. Mods Look To This!

    please unbann The_Glenn he really never make it again. give him a chance please