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  1. Boys Vs Girls!

    Sunny_moon dwarf sun/male
  2. Black Leather

    How do you do that? I want do the same thing!
  3. Question Fur

    Why we can't put fox scarf in body! Answer me soon plz!
  4. Garfield_III

    Nope is not really that but if u know maxime is a thief i can said u something:dont have trust of maxime Garfield_III gived password to maxime and he too but maxime tryied to taked all things of garfield_III and next garfield_III see maxime do that and he tryied to change password,he maked mistake in do that and he lost the password and maxime too but next maxime found he password,Garfield_III tryied to found the password and he dont found,maxime tryied too and he found,and now he take all everything of garfield_III now u see is not really on he fault
  5. Garfield_III

    LOOOl yeah!:-)
  6. About buying/selling characters

    HM HI! I want know if we can sell char(i want sell mine)and if yes,what pric for an char with level in 30 bye
  7. Garfield_III

    Hi! Me better friend(garfield_III)lost he char,and maxime(and thief)stoled he char,and he take all weapons and armor and object of he(like tit serp,tit chain,mirror cloak,dis ring... )!Can u help me plz Sunny_moon
  8. Hellspawn

    Vote now plz
  9. Who wants to be an Eternal Champion?

    I have 4 levels more 30 more overal |sunny_moonl
  10. sunny shop

    scammer price: 300 emerald 3K 500 tit ore 5K 142 gold ore 1420gc 134silver ore 1340GC Normal price: 300 emerald 800gc 500 tit ore 1K 142 gold ore 600GC 134 silver ore 340gc Cheap price: 300 emerald 300gc 500 tit ore 500gc 142 gold ore 142gc 134 silver ore 134gc Very Cheap price: 300 emerald 150gc 500 tit ore 250gc 142 gold ore 71gc 134 silver ore 67gc Pm me in game if u want buy one minerals or ore
  11. sunny shop

    very cheap price: mm cloak 7K 500 tit ore 500gc 2 leather helm 10gc each 25 vial 15GC
  12. sunny shop

    cheap price: mm cloak 9K 500 tit ore 700gc 2 leather helm 30gceach 25 vial 35gc
  13. sunny shop

    normal price mm cloak 11K 500 tit ore 1K 2 leather helm 45gc each 300 emerald 800gc 25 vial 50gc
  14. sunny shop

    Scammer price: mm cloak 15K 500 tit ore 5K 2 leather helm 100gc each 300 emerald 3K 25 vial 250gc
  15. sunny shop

    Sorry but i already sold rabbit furs