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  1. Buying

    I am buying a night visor (100-105kgc) Pm me in-game Kilomenjaro Thanks dilios
  2. Thermal S2E Auction

    my reading skills suck , 32k , very sorry
  3. Thermal S2E Auction

  4. Book of fire sword

    31k kilomenjaro in game
  5. XBL

    i gotz xbox account (live) meh name is cartman H
  6. Morath

    morath worst player in this game , i dislike him very much
  7. Enriched Essences & Rare Stones.

    Almost all bots are trying to scam people from their money
  8. Buying Some things..

    I am buying some items Pm me (Kilomenjaro) in-game) 1 Rapier 1 Scythe 1 Bronze sword 1 Red Dragon Cuisses 1 Halberd All Prices will be talked about in pm
  9. New screenshots needed

    errrr i will take a newer pic srry
  10. New screenshots needed

    Removed and will put a newer Something a pulled out of my box of photos
  11. GODz Siggy Shop.

    thanks BrO
  12. Aromor Sale

    Selling.. 1 Ice dragon cuisses 95.5kgc sold 1 Titanium plate mail 82.5kgc SOLD CLOSED 1 Titanium greave 37.2kgc SOLD 2 aug leather top 165gc each 2 aug leather pants 119gc each PM me in game to buy One two or three items , kilomenjaro
  13. Storage Sale

    I will buy the 1 Radioactive Titanium Long Sword 30kgc
  14. Lots of Auctions :)

    bid on speed hax 150gc per
  15. New and updated trade bot list

    Forgot Dr_Trade my bot , TfG guild , portland 220,60