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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, Can i order 3 x 50K emerald, 3gc each Liagua
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hi, I'm placing an order of 500K Red Rose (375K gc) and 500k Red Snap Dragons (250K gc) Thnx Liagua
  3. More Gypsum Locations

    Whole quest idea is a great idea.
  4. Auction Human Removal Stone

    Hi all, Tired of some of those humans in the game, try removing them with this stone!!! I auction 1 Human Removal Stone Start bid: 850.000 gc Increments: 10k gc Auction ends: 10th of October, 17:00 Liagua
  5. Auction Human Removal Stone

    Sold to highest bidder at 900K
  6. Auction Human Removal Stone

    anonymous bid for 900K
  7. Hi all, Tired of making them yourself, or running back and forth between NPC and Sto? I auction 100.000 Energy Essence Start bid: 1.100.000 gc Increments: 5k gc Auction ends: 21th of September, 17:00 CET Have fun and the energy Liagua
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Would like 50K Swamp Candle (37.500GC) Liagua ingame
  9. Semi-Selling Sto, including NMT Cape Auction

    555K for nmt cape, Liagua
  10. Hi I would like to suggest a button with on/off functionality for the coins I find while harvesting. Function ON: I will donate the coins to whatever and keep harvesting Function OFF: I will keep the coins and stop harvesting (just like normal) I know the coins are made to stop you harvesting but I also been told that there is to much money in EL. So if someone behind the screens can calculate the total of coins made while harvesting. Or someone can workout the donating to whatever option into something fun ie adding a percentage of the donated GC to the lottery Kind regards Liquid
  11. Horray for Penguins!

    The word "Windows" is a word out of an old dialect of the Apaches. It means: "White man staring through glass-screen onto an hourglass..."
  12. Hi, I think it would be nice to have a Visible Poison Degrade. You have the poison drop on the left and it vanishes slowly as the time goes by. So you have an idea of the 3 minutes countdown if you have only 1 poisoning etc.
  13. Hi all, I did search but can't find any post, but I also can't believe that this idea isn't already on the forum. When mixing ingredients I would like a special feature to restock my inventory. IE now I have to get 3 different ingredients from 3 different categories, switch the numbers and ad food to the inventory. The special feature would be like a one-click button to restock the items you are mixing. So if I'm ready to mix I drop those items, in the numbers you like them in your inventory, (one time) in the window and save then i click the refill button and the items are taken from the sto and appear in the inventory This way you can easily and quickly refill your inventory without continuously changing numbers and items Kind Regards, Liquid
  14. v1.9.0

    Also in Nordcarn at "You are in Nordcarn [172,85]" The wall is a bit out of place and when the sun in shining it comes trough the "crack" in the wall
  15. v1.9.0

    Hi, In Nordcarn I can harvest nightshade trough the wall at 94,27
  16. Visible Poison Degrade

    Yep that will do the job
  17. Hai, I would like the Giant Centipede, http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&saf...ved=0CBcQsAQwAA They could Drop: - Jaws (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3438/3365881895_ceff61710b.jpg?v=0) can be modified to a weapon - Scale can be modified in armour and potion - behind thingy's ((http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b287/cacoseraph/pals/yikes/King_of_Heros.jpg) on thumb)) used for potion To see what it can do look at youtube http://www.youtube.com/results?search_quer...ipede&aq=0s
  18. Dear Roja, (I think) I have a great deal of textures and pictures EL can use (for free) in various 3D objects. I'm not gonna post the link that would be like spam. If you are interested, let me know so we could talk about it. Kind regards, Liquid
  19. Traceroutes

    Still Bezig met het traceren van de route naar game.eternal-lands.com [] via maximaal 30 hops: 11 * * * Time-out bij opdracht. De trace is voltooid. via maximaal 30 hops: 1 3 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 * 40 ms 37 ms 199-0-80-1.setardsl.aw [] 3 35 ms 35 ms 34 ms 201-229-37-65.static.setardsl.aw [] 4 565 ms 587 ms 613 ms 5 584 ms 613 ms 613 ms ge-1-1-0-0.atlcr3.Atlanta.opentransit.net [] 6 735 ms 614 ms 615 ms 7 743 ms 818 ms 620 ms pos1-15-4-0.pastr1.Paris.opentransit.net [] 8 754 ms 716 ms 660 ms te3-3.parse1.Paris.opentransit.net [] 9 784 ms 670 ms 656 ms 10 * * * Time-out bij opdracht. 11 1813 ms 1966 ms 1955 ms 12 1831 ms 1842 ms 1853 ms xe3-0-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 13 1963 ms 1935 ms 2047 ms ge1-0-23.esr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 14 1524 ms 1526 ms 1534 ms [] De trace is voltooid. STILL GOING ON
  20. Traceroutes

    Still Bezig met het traceren van de route naar game.eternal-lands.com [] via maximaal 30 hops: 1 2 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 38 ms 36 ms 37 ms 199-0-80-1.setardsl.aw [] 3 37 ms 35 ms 35 ms 201-229-37-65.static.setardsl.aw [] 4 74 ms 72 ms 72 ms po5-1-7.miacr1.Miami.opentransit.net [] 5 691 ms 614 ms 614 ms te9-3.miase1.Miami.opentransit.net [] 6 636 ms 694 ms 614 ms 7 678 ms 613 ms 614 ms 8 739 ms 716 ms 716 ms 9 671 ms 719 ms 714 ms 10 657 ms 702 ms 647 ms 11 * * * Time-out bij opdracht. 12 1603 ms 1535 ms 1621 ms 13 1799 ms 1841 ms 1843 ms xe3-0-0.tcr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 14 1836 ms 1945 ms 1832 ms ge1-0-23.esr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 15 1842 ms 1651 ms 1635 ms [] De trace is voltooid.
  21. Traceroutes

    Bezig met het traceren van de route naar game.eternal-lands.com [] via maximaal 30 hops: 1 4 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 * 38 ms 39 ms 199-0-80-1.setardsl.aw [] 3 37 ms 34 ms 131 ms 201-229-37-65.static.setardsl.aw [] 4 73 ms 71 ms 70 ms po5-1-7.miacr1.Miami.opentransit.net [] 5 70 ms 68 ms 68 ms te9-3.miase1.Miami.opentransit.net [] 6 84 ms 86 ms 82 ms ge-1-1-0-0.atlcr3.Atlanta.opentransit.net [] 7 102 ms 307 ms 97 ms xe-3-0-3-0.ashtr1.Ashburn.opentransit.net [] 8 189 ms 237 ms 205 ms pos0-6-5-0.pastr1.Paris.opentransit.net [] 9 186 ms 245 ms 178 ms te3-3.parse1.Paris.opentransit.net [] 10 194 ms 174 ms 240 ms 11 * * * Time-out bij opdracht. 12 * * * Time-out bij opdracht. 13 * * * Time-out bij opdracht. 14 * * 333 ms ge1-0-23.esr1.rb.par.as8218.eu [] 15 355 ms 391 ms 427 ms De trace is voltooid.
  22. Hi, I would like to suggest a bank in EL every player can drop some/all their money their and they will receive interest over their balance, just like real life! So all players can make a little more money then normal. But..... Every once in a while a bank gets robbed. So that will also happen in EL, the robber should be something like a NPC(Joker) that can be caught by a player, and will be rewarded with a percentage of the sum the robber stole. So let me put it together again in a different way: I bring my money to the bank : 1000 GC The bank pays me interest: 2 % Total interest: 20 GC Bank robber: takes 0,5 % from all bank accounts (in my case only 5GC) Player who will find the robber will get 10% of what the robber took. The rest (90%) could be A- Lost in action B- Spent in a Shimmy bar C- Returned to the bank Of course the EL management have better insight in the percentage/money-flow etc. So I'll leave that to them. The general idea is that even the freshest player can make a little money due to the interest the bank provides. And all players can chase the robber down and earn money that way. So besides a little extra money you got a returning quest. (Robber Chasing Quest) The robber quest could be very rewarding just like the lottery, but that's depending on you and how much money you are willing to put on your bank account! I don't have my EL facts together but you could get the interest say every EL year, and the robber WILL come by also every year(or more). That way the EL management can influence the money the bank drops in the game. And still keep it interesting and rewarding, instead of everybody stopping from logging in to EL for the next (real) year just to get interest. Again in figures: Total bank accounts: 10.000.000,00 GC Robber takes 0,5%: 50.000,00 Player who catches robber 10%: 5.000,00
  23. Interest(ing)

    Loans is a NON-option for the EL AAA-bank, because of real life fraud (create a dummy character, take loan, drop loan in bag, pick it up with your own character) But i like the idea of an bounty on your head, maybe a new tread?