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  1. ban for ?

    just asking if i really got banned for asking for a game feature? a 4 line discussion with Aislinn ended like that? funny:) edit: observing such behaviour i think its time to limit wasting my time for this cool game only because somebody have bad mood and think stands over everything - i said "read more carefully" next poof
  2. ban for ?

    to be honest i was a bt tired of your behaviour - i asked nicely - 1 person responded - oks. Later i PMed you after u muted me for saying "thanks for nothing - err explaining what are they (mods) for" , that its the question concerning a game feature and my respond that I AM BUSY with something else was said just to point my finger on the mods who ( i thought ) are to help on channels like general help , but obviously they're only for muting and helping friends , being quiet for others . I understand some ppl can be busy (like me with something else than asking once per week on this channel for help) , but at least some " sorry i dont think so" or " yeah it does" would be enough for me + i dont have conditions to test my questions ( in this case mirror cloak and some low lvl harmer) so here i am ( AGAIN) on "help" channel just to get booted by some one like you for me journey through EL is finished - no more wasting tons of hours. GL with such behaving moderators/admins - sooner or later every1 will understand they can be actually booted/banned for just asking about the god damn game feature
  3. ban for ?

    actually i cant log in , but yeah , time to limit my time for this game - thanks to you - "ice" gl with others