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  1. rogueknight banned, why?

    hi, troius and I can attack us and to trade? thank you very much
  2. rogueknight banned, why?

    hi, now troius is available to talk with you mod. (the game)
  3. rogueknight banned, why?

    hi, troius will be unbanned? is because he is anxious to play EL, and had spent a month of locked. Thank you very much
  4. rogueknight banned, why?

    ok thank you very much I already was unbanned? I am very anxious to play eternal lands
  5. rogueknight banned, why?

    hello, I also was banned because I gave the Rogueknight trade, and the mod I think it was alt and I was banned. mod said it was a month's locked and has been over a month, I ask for some mod release my player back. Thank you very much Rassius