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  1. Tailor sale

    Brown tricoon hat- 1.5k Brown buccaner hat - 1.5k or exchange for black buccaner hat Skull crossbones hat - 1kSold White red stripped baggy pants- 2k ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pm me in game kr0likjunior
  2. Cleaning store

    Stuff solded
  3. Banned ;/

    thanks god
  4. Banned ;/

    My account has been banned. I'm stupid and I broke the rule number 5. But second account wasn't mine. Please, unlock my account. That's my favourite game. I'll do everything.
  5. IP banned :(

    My IP has banned for about 3 months ago. I broke the rule number 8 "No character creation spamming." Now I will respect all the rules, I promise. Please, unban my IP. That's my favourite game and that's a pity i can't play that.