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  1. Blacksmithing Stand.

    Hi my name is Slash_Master (ign) and i have been working a lot on manufacturing. I think im at a point where i can offer to sell some of the stuff i can make. Now I am only lvl 20 manu so I cant yet make any high level items but for newer people i can offer Aug armors, Iron/Steel shileds, and lower level swords at a cheap price. I also harvest and smelt all of my own materials so I can sell cheaper than most. Just post here your ign, what you want, and a price (I will be coming up with a price list later) and Ill see if I can make it for you.
  2. Exp books

    thank you
  3. Exp books

    If i buy a skill book that gives me 60k exp but i only need like 5 k to lvl, will the extra exp roll over? Or will it lvl me and pretty much stop there?
  4. Youre too far away get closer

    The bolded part is wrong: you walk just as fast as the creatures, be it a rabbit or a leopard (or faster with speed hax or horse). And automatically walking to the spot where the creature was when you tried to attack it wouldn't really help with catching it faster... Oh it seems like im slower xD And i dont mean walking to the spot where they were. I mean when you hit attack you go to the creature no matter where he moves. Ofc you would stop the hunt when the creature is out of ur sight, which would make perception even more important to have. Same would go for resources. If you click harvest you walk to the closest available spot to harvest the resource.
  5. Too many high level Armors in Game

    I think that price adjustment for the npc based one supply and demand might be a cool feature to add. Also maybe capping the amount of an item an npc can sell based on stock. So lets say an npc only has 1 tit armor in stock he will buy/sell it at a higher price than if he has 10-15. And if he only has one in stock he can only sell one. If he isnt moving his product the price should start to drop in an effort to sell it (even if he has to take a loss). Ofc there would have to be a cap as to how low he gets on an item. Idk rough idea but i think it would be pretty cool. Ofc it might work better in a more populated game.
  6. Rule #5, multiplaying

    Gotchya, tyvm. So was that part in rule 28 that i made bold and underlined just overlooked by the mods? Or since rule 5 is gone there is not such thing as "illegal multiplaying" anymore so that part has not power anymore.
  7. Rule #5, multiplaying

    Srry for double post but i would like to ask this question. Usually i would have my cousin bag sit for me while i harvest stuff. Can i now use an alt to do this for me so i dont have to depend on him (he doesnt have internet at his dads house which is ironic bc of us two I use to be the one without internet xD). Keep in mind my alt isnt muleing or harvesting for me. He is simply sitting on the bag for me while my main is gone. He may occasional take an ore out and bak in to keep the bag from disappearing. Edit: Read through the rules again 28. Do Not Cheat. Cheating in the game means using outdated or illegal clients, outdated or illegal unofficial map(.elm) files that have been altered from the official versions, unregistered and/or unapproved bots, macroing, automating, scripting, exploiting bugs, or any form of illegal multi-playing. Any attempts to seek loopholes or manipulate information to get around these rules is grounds for banning. Anyone knowingly aiding cheaters will also be locked and/or banned.
  8. Too many high level Armors in Game

    Correct 50 hydro bars get you one nexus. So 750k xD nooo problem haha.
  9. Youre too far away get closer

    Its not hard to walk, but it is annoying. Especially with the walking mechanics this game has. You are slower than most of the creatures and take a second to change directions. You have to depend on the creature stopping to catch up to it. Not only that having to be close to the creature and not auto walking to it adds nothing to the game, it just makes it annoying to fight (which for a lot of ppl fighting is the main part of the game for them), so it takes away some of the fun from the game. Also it can be very discouraging for new players who have a bad time chasing bunnies in Isla Prima.
  10. Too many high level Armors in Game

    Correct. Intermediate players don't need titanium sets or 200k gc armor sets. NPCs sell raw materials such as iron at a very high price so that you don't buy ings at will, mix and sell for profit without breaking a sweat. It is encouraged to buy raw materials from other players or harvest them yourself. Expensive bars such as hydro are capped by NPC at 15k so yes, there is some sort of cap already But there are ingredients like enriched essences, binding stones and serpent stones that are only obtained by accident or bought for real money. Their market price depends on availability. If you search for Enriched fire Essence here http://bots.el-services.net/search.php there aren't any on sale (at this particular minute) and those are needed to manufacture titanium armor sets. So if I need a titanium set right now, I can just buy it from NPC instead of waiting for Enriched essences to appear on bots to make a new titanium set Ah i see, and yea i searched the NPCs on the wiki and saw that they do sell raw materials. Hydrobars, aren they the bars that are used to buy nexuses?
  11. Youre too far away get closer

    Meh its just irritating to fight the way it is now. When fighting, having to walk close to the creature doesnt add anything to the experience, just takes away from it. As for harvesting, its not that big of a deal, but if this game ever saw a raise in popularity or people start harvesting with lots of alts with the repeal of rule 5 then it may become difficult to get to popular resource spots. But thats just my two cents, im a manu mostly atm so it doesnt really effect me all that much.
  12. Youre too far away get closer

    Oh so they are doing something about this? Thats awesome.
  13. Too many high level Armors in Game

    Okay idk exactly whats being discussed here and even tho ive been playing the game off and on for years I still havent touched most of the content. But there are a few things i would like to point out. Imo intermediate players shouldnt have tit armors. W/O a cap only top level players can buy Top level gear. Couldnt the NPCs cap the price of materials instead? That would drop the price of manu goods. Or are they already doing this? Plz forgive my lack of knowledge on the game itself. Idk whos sells what at wat price. But i am pretty knowledgeable about economies and such so i like participating in convos like this
  14. Youre too far away get closer

    Is there a reason that when you click the fight button on a creature, or the harvest button on a resource, etc, thats far away we get that message instead of the character automatically getting close enough or automatically hunting down the creature where ever it goes? Imo this would make the game play much more user friendly and therefor enjoyable. I was gonna suggest it but this game is like 10 years old, im sure it has been suggested many times b4 and there has to be a reason the Devs havent added it.
  15. Rule #5, multiplaying

    Holy... I cant believe rule 5 is actually gone. My cousin and I had our characters banned years and years ago bc we were trading on the same IP and they thought we were illegal multiplaying. Ever since then we have been scared to do anything together while in the same house.