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  1. banned alts

    We sometimes come to see each other, we both use our alts to harvest amber and it was the day of action and we had quite a lot of work with bees outside, so I wanted to log my 6 alts to regain some acp. And my brother did the same.. ofc I told him that i agreed with radu that 6 max online while afk.. so he logged 6 as well, but you can see from what ip they are mainly logged and created as well and that 1 is mainly used by me(konec) and the other by my brother(whitelightlord). My pc would not stand 12 clients at once.. If you want to clarify anything else maybe I can explain, but to be honest - do you really think that I would risk locking my main for approx 150 (counted all together) acp regained? I obbey what we agreed with radu! The alts were not logged in for quite a long time because I have a lot of work irl and now I would need that badly to have 12 alts logged in at once for few hours?
  2. banned alts

    I had 6(as well as you can see on the screenie), my brother (whitelightlord), who I was visiting from saturday evening to sunday evening, had 6 (his alts) as well, I swear I have never exceeded the max of 6 alts afk at once.. you can see from the IP they were logged in that it is not the IP I mainly use
  3. banned alts

    long time I have not posted anything here...and again I dont see the reason why 6 my alts are banned? so please Radu can you tell me what I did wrong? I thought we agreed that I can have 6 alts logged in afk, so I obbey this, anything else I have missed?
  4. OMG again alts banned?

    As I said..have no idea.. but if I was macroing for 1.5 years.. wouldnt you or any other mod alrdy caught me doing it afk? I have never macroed etc... if you want I can make a video mixing and when it stops i have to manually click the mix all button... i dont know what other proof can I give you..the client cant restart mixing if it stops...
  5. OMG again alts banned?

    Would be 'nice', but i have never seen that happen, it can restart the mix all process, when I click the mix all button...that is all I know about. As I said I never macroed, never did anything afk besides regaining hp/mana/action points/harvesting and reading afk in frr, which is not against rules afaik..?
  6. OMG again alts banned?

    I have no idea what the client sends and I have no idea in what way would be the client "enhanced".
  7. OMG again alts banned?

    That was meant for pc, on phone I have downloaded and installed the android client around 1 year back..
  8. OMG again alts banned?

    Srry was out w/o pc to have a look, I am using git client from 2 years ago updated in april
  9. OMG again alts banned?

    But i am not sure if I understand you correctly.. If you mean that in 1 second i eat food and also create ashes then i have no idea and think it is undoable... Nit sure if that time was on phone or pc. On phone when i mix abnd have to lock phone immediatelly because of my wife who doesnt know i am playing, when i dont turn off wifi or data, the client doesnt lag me immediatelly, but continues mixing and when i log back i have usually mixed more than i had when locking the phone...but I cant do anything about it...
  10. OMG again alts banned?

    What i shall explain there..i have food usually on first slot, so ctrl+1 and click on mix all button..i have 2 hands, one on keyboard, one on mouse..or that is a macro?
  11. Banned konec for macroing?

    And to mixing..i use mix all button and itm list when on pc and eat with quick slots when i am on pc..on phone i cant use itm list but it is the same.. But i am not sure what you mean..i cant mix on 2 clients simultanously?, i mean on joule days i usually mixed with dodger FEs and with konec smth else.. or what is the problem with mixing..?
  12. Banned konec for macroing?

    As I usually cant play for longer periods of time and may have to stop any time, sometimes the bag poofed even with diss ring, essies etc., as I am not able to come back online in time..i suppose you could have seen the bag poofing as well..
  13. Banned konec for macroing?

    Ok, we may be getting to the problem... I quite often hunt rats in IP rat cave with speed hax, by my calc. I am able to kill around 800 rats per hour, but ofc. To save food while haxing I every now and then put cheap stuff in bag like after 30-50 rats..and in the end i collect all and ttpr to storage..
  14. Banned konec for macroing?

    I use server marks..
  15. OMG again alts banned?

    I really do not know what i did wrong. Tell me where you think i macroed and maybe i can explain you what i did.