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  1. Fine..remove neno, its a sure thing, you can do whatever you want. I just want to know a number of how many alts I can have logged in at once, even if afk, since there will be no neno, it doesnt matter and they can sit anywhere..? You said i cant have alts, i dont actually play, so how many can be played? Thanks for your answer.
  2. I am sorry for posting in another topic, but the one Radu answered in was locked (ofc. I know why it has been locked and hope I dont break rules by this one..) I d like to clarify and ask few more things: You never told me how many alts can one have logged in at once and there is no rule about it, only thing you told me about number of alts is that Stivy has 7. By the time you started locking our chars, you said there were 13 alts, but we were 2 players (me and my brother Whitelightlord), so basically we did not even exceed the number of 7 alts per person, if what stivy has is max, which is ofc. nowhere to find in rules... and BTW: I doubt stivy always has all his alts not AFK.. who do we hurt or do anything bad by hunting neno in 2 people? - server could not hold 20 more players? anyone else wanted to hunt neno and we "blocked" them? we bring too much gc to EL economy? couldnt find any other thing that could be wrong, but please tell me if there is smth else, because i really dont understand what was done wrong. I doubt server couldnt hold more players, but say if I am wrong how many people started to follow neno with full health if he was not in sewers/pl or sedicolis and there are at least 15+ more known maps(though the spawns are not known, so sitting on a neno spawn is really a doubtful thing, cause there is nowhere written that he spawns right there...) if we were "super lucky" we find neno and get it killed in 45 mins (with little following time and poisoned caltrops it is not doable sooner) and the most we can get is joules stone for like 120K and approx 13K share from gc drop. but we have also experienced a 9 hour session with 13 teleports (all teleports that we have seen, there were probably more) and we can get bad day removal for like 30K, so in approx we can get like 75Kgc share in 5 hours of concentrated work...anything else we would do (besides afk sitting) would bring more gc to EL economy.. so please tell me what is so wrong on 2 people hunting neno and one last thing...instances has never meant to be 2 men or even single man things, or am I wrong? and how many are ran each day in 2 men? and I bet they bring much more gc to EL economy than hunting neno... OFC. you can remove anything - it is YOUR game, but I think that even you can understand why people feel offended if there are no written rules broken and the solution would be so easy - to just write down few rules that applies same to everyone, or as Learner suggested..make a * denote that certain player/s deoesnt have to obbey that rules.. Imagine a police man stopped you and said.."here you should have stopped, it is obvious" and there was no sign to inform you that you should stop your car.. would you say..ye..my fault, I gotta live with that and pay the fine? I doubt that.. It is not about that we dont follow the rules, it is that there are no rules written..and it is pretty hard to obey anything, that we dont know about.. never meant to do anything wrong..sorry if I did, it was not intended and I always accepted any consequences if they were righteous.
  3. alts ban

    Ok, I understood wrong, I am sorry Revi, my bad.., sorry for making you waste your time.. I will wait now.
  4. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Well..in the post before, you tell me I should post in other forum to get answer faster and now you inform me of breaking rules..*facepalm*...
  5. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Ok, aislinn.. I have again read whole rules word by word and there is nothing said about alts 'camping' on spawns, nor how many alts can one player have logged in, nor where they can sit or not, then would you be so kind and tell me how on the earth can i get that from rules written right next to the encyclopedia that you are reffering to?
  6. alts ban

    I would like to know what exact rules were broken by sewer1, henry_proper and whimoc - all booted by radu on saturday early morning european time. Guess all mods have read my topic in gen chat, but ofc. I can give details here too.
  7. Neno hunting rules and bans

    It is exactly as Vino said, personally, I swear I saw Radu said in 6 (if you want I can search that in char logs) : from now everyone can camp spawnss, jokers ivans etc. I know it might have been in affect, but he said that! And now the same person says someone cant do that. Now choose when there is no rule written about it. If there was, there would be no doubt, but there is not! It was said when speaking about stivy camping on a way to hydro but I really see no difference, only as koddy said that stivy brings radu dollars..who is then ofc. untouchable! Then make it a rule..if you give (or make others give) radu dollars, you can simply do what others cant..np, I can live with that...but make it clear. But please get to the question - what exact rule have sewer1, henry-proper and whimoc broke? If they were on spawns it was by chance cause as far as I know there are NO known exact spawns of neno..at least I couldnt find that in ency, nor in forums..and believe me that I have tried it, because then one should be afraid of sitting on any spot afk just because there might be a spawn??!! Well..yea you can get banned for that, srsly?
  8. Neno hunting rules and bans

    I dont want to argue with you Revi..everyone can see that from their point of view and you are a MOD... OK, Just one thing, wizzy locked my first 5 neno alts - sewer1-5 - I agreed (really did not know they were breaking rules, but ofc they did), so he locked them and later I asked him if he can unlock one of those that it wont break any rule if there is just one. Then there are my first alts Konec1 and Konecc - I know now they are breaking rules too and if it is so big problem, you can lock them - just pls let me know so I could get out of them everything from storage then I have no problem to kill/lock/destroy whatever with them. But Wizzy told me that I can create chars as long as they are not connected by that way (meant numbers), since then I havent created any character that would have similar name. Then there was the thing with Radu that I described earlier, then you with WLL and now again with Radu..yea..we do seem to be troublemakers, but we really dont know what we do wrong as there are no rules broken in what I can see. And rule 1 "Dont be a troublemaker Do not cause problems on purpose that require the attentions of moderators, if in doubt, dont do it." Would you please tell us what attention of moderators do 13 logged chars require? or what other that we did require moderators attention?..... you can say what you want to be honest. If any mod want, they can use this to anything. We have really never intended to be troublemakers and still dont see what rule (saying smth exact) were we breaking. So as Vino said...there should be CLEAR rules that every player can access and know, make clear rules how many alts can a main use, where they can sit or not if afk or not etc...just please make it CLEAR. I dont have problems with obeying rules, I just dont like when one person (mean STIVY) can do smth what others cant because what we did is just another way of what stivy does all the time when sitting with alts, observing if someone spawns, so he can kill.. just make clear rules because w/o rules there is chaos and chaos leads in situations like this.
  9. It was long time ago, when neno was introduced to the game. There were a lot of people searching for it, trying to figure out how to kill it etc. I d say whole EL comunity (and by that time it was really a lot of people and no alts) was living by looking for neno and trying to kill him, because day stones were not before neno was introduced. Me and my brother we did hunt it a lot, we found that it can be killed on any map if you have enough people, some are better, some worse. But then if there was a team, they tried to kill him everywhere. Now the situation is different, we have no rule 5 therefore a lot of alts – people using them for the way they want. Me and my brother, we always liked hunting neno (even though sometimes it teleported 13 times and took 9 hours of following and trying to kill a single 1), so I created 5 alts named „name_1-5“, they got banned by wizzy and he told me I broke rule. I said OK, my fault and asked if He can unban one of those, he did that – ok from then we never created chars like that. We created other ones and I was „stopped“ by radu, that we cant have alts that we dont actually play, I said OK, what do you consider playing an alt – I was asking about stivy sitting on spots with alts waiting when characters „spawn“ on exact place to kill them, he said that even his lowest alts have few skills in 30s, ok so I promissed to lvl them and not to just sit on spawns of neno if I dont hunt him, just to observe if he appears there. Then again I know I „broke“ the rule once, even though it was afk, but sitting on a spawn and I agreed that radu banned my alt, promissed not to do that again. Then we were contacted by Revi, that we created huge number of alts and that mods were about to start locking them. Ok, we stopped creating chars. You can see that every time we broke rules (even though mainly it was not intended) we agreed that alts got banned, or did other solutions to prevent rules breaking. Today early morning we were hunting neno again after about 3 weeks (this time in PV), then we lost sight of him and few mins after that my alts (one sitting on a bag(you can see in printscreen attached) ready to lock if neno goes there, other one sitting in Dung portal room) got booted by radu… I asked him what happened and he said that we already discussed that, and that we cant have 13 alts afk sitting on spawns – I have NEVER seen anyone reporting neno in dung portal room! So if he really spawns there how could I POSSIBLY know that? Then sitting with any alt on any spot afk could be taken as rule breaking, because who can say if there is no spawn there? And Radu could probably see that the one sitting in PV on bag ready to lock neno was definitelly not on spawn! Then radu said in 6 that hes going to remove neno by next update..OK then you can remove all haidir dailys, cause people know where mobs spawn and waiting there if they appeared, so they can kill them. I could not find any rule stating that one cannot sit on spawn (if you know where it spawns), or am I wrong? Radu‘s argument was that Stivy has 7 alts (ofc. Only Radu or Stivy can confirm that). And when there are 20+ spawn maps of neno, how would anyone want to hunt it with 7 characters max?). OR make a rule that a person can use max. 7 characters at once or whatever.. OFC. Neno was never intended to be hunt by 2 people at the begining, but same was with instances and how many are run 2 men everyday? There is none(or quite few) who really cares if someone reports neno in glac/ida/ws/gp/mm/melinis...and now it is a problem when 2 people want to hunt it few times in a month. Id like to know why the following characters were banned, which rules were broken?: sewer1 (sat in PV near zirak flag) henry_proper (sat in Dung portal room) whimoc (sat in MM close to storage)
  10. Hi all, Id like to suggest if it was possible to be able to set maximum food lvl (up to your chars max food lvl)? - that would be great for mixing with using quick slots and keyboard for eating. I am not sure how hard it would be to set that up, it is just an idea.. Konec.
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    order posted!! Could I replace this with: 10k red currents (15k) 10k blue berries (15k) 10k dandelion (15k) 10k rue (15k) 10k poppies (15k) Total: 75kgc Would be nice, thanks done and updated thank you very much!! Hello all, I'd like to ask for removing my order of 5x 10k coal that I ordered Thank you very much! Konec
  12. Want to sell full storage: all must be sold - post your reasonable offers here or leave me a message in game or via Mercator Flowers: 4656 Blue Lupine 13455 Swamp Candles 24090 Blue Star Flower 58341 Tree Mushroom 32097 Sunflower 54900 Ogre Toes Minerals: 3426 Diamond Weapons: 8 Modable Steel Two Edged Sword 1 Iron Axe 1 Short Bow 119 Wood Branches 1 Crossbow Armor: 1 Ice Dragon Helm 2 Steel Shield 30 Iron Helm Magic: 1 Fast Regeneration Removal 1 I can't Dance removal 8 Black Dragon Scale 26 Harvester Medallion Potions: 11 Potion of Mana 147 Potion of Great Healing 45 Potion of Minor Healing 3 Potion of Attack 3 Refined vegetal mixture 20 Potion of Heat Protection 89 Potion of Speed Hax 1 Potion of Alchemy 5 Potion of Defense 100 Potion of Potion 27 Potion of Cold Protection 9 Potion of Summoning 68 Potion of Crafting Animal: 184 Green Snake Skin 169 Red Snake Skin 115 Brown Snake Skin 20 Mule Skin 310 Polar Bear Fur 2 Bear Summoning Stone 74 Puma Fur Clothes: 1 Fur Cloak 1 Skull Crossbones Scarf 22 Fur Boots 4 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Red Scarf 1 Black Tunic Red Shirt 1 Warm Fur Gloves 1 Brown Buccaneer Hat Misc: 192 Yew 119 Wood Branches 10 Wood Handle Books: 6 Book of Iron Axe Construction 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Magic 1 Book of Evasion 2 Book of Steel long sword of ice 6 Book of Potion of Summoning 4 Book of Steel Axe Construction 1 Book of Steel long sword of magic 1 Book of Poison Antidote 3 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 1 Book of Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Ice 1 Book of Accuracy 2 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Book of Gargoyles Summoning 1 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 2 Titanium Short Construction 1 Book of Iron sword of fire ingame name: Konec Edit: I reserve the right not to sell > Please give reasonable offers / at least close to pc's on market channel, updated, crossed means reserved
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Hello, I'd like to order 5x10k coal at 24.5kgc each batch ingame name: Konec Thank you!
  14. Last of my storage

    I offer 3,5gc ea for any turqoise left ingame name: Konec
  15. bcse bethel invasion/invance is not when you decide to use robin tell stone? and they're not all the time either for those who spends all the time in arena