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  1. IP Banning

    Well I had a problem with my IP address being banned and this was sorted out by being white boarded.However I logged in a few times this evening and on the last attempt the IP address banned message popped up.I do realise that for a free to play game the easiest and cheapest option is to ban an IP address,modern internet access with its increasing load will result in dynamic IP addresses being more frequent,unless you have a lot of cash to afford a dedicated IP address.As far as I am aware I have not traded with anyone and my character has not been hacked,due to this persistant problem which appears only to effect Eternal Lands(other games I play both P2P and F2P I have never encountered this phenomena) I have decided not to bother playing any more.It is a shame but to keep getting messages that you have broken the rules ,when you as far as you are aware you are innocent,you begin to think well the admins just tar everybody with the same brush rather than addressing the root problem however uncomfortable that seems.May I respectfully suggest some off topic reading such as Demmings work on lean manufacturing which addresses problem solving and root cause analysis which may help to identify these problems.Well it is godbye from me I wish everyone well apart from the gargoyles they killed me once too often.
  2. IP Address Banned

    Thank you for your response at the moment it appears I am hitting the banned IP range as I have tried to log on a number of times and the ban message is still appearing.It may need a whitelist procedure.