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  1. 2 char on same ip

    ok please, can you pardon me?
  2. 2 char on same ip

    Clearly I have sometime missed rule 5 but spread over almost two years of coexistence, this log entry is not comparable to the penalty.
  3. 2 char on same ip

    ok if you unlock me, germ will buy absolutly all from bot, I got the lesson
  4. 2 char on same ip

    All that look also like a reckoning about feros in the bethel cave :/
  5. 2 char on same ip

    Ok sorry, WarW and germ would never make any of the trade, it would have been lot easier. For sure I will apply the rule perfectly from now. Even for the purchase at the shop, I will use the right char, and do 2 transactions (one by char). Please check well log, except some glitch in the last time, on all the existance of the chars, this was really not an habit.