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  1. rogueknight banned, why?

    Hi, I'm here because my friend Troius can not post to the forum The moderator said that the deadline would be 1 month, and this period has passed ... I would ask her to withdraw the ban now, please .. thank you very much.
  2. rogueknight banned, why?

    Day 28, can I have my character back now?[[ thanks... Happy New year
  3. rogueknight banned, why?

    thank you, thank you: D I try not to open more multi clients to avoid problems xD now .. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience .. now I just wait
  4. rogueknight banned, why?

    hello? ...
  5. rogueknight banned, why?

    ok, now I inderstand.. 1. I do not use macros. 2. If I have an alt, i will not move the items I got it for the main character in any way. 3. I will not share any characters with anyone. if I wait 1 month without making any mistakes, you remove the ban on my character? (I give all the items I got in nergio to troius without forwards them to Rogueknight ..) I'm sorry for this mistake I made, I did not understand the rule law .. but now it's clear .. now I'm afraid that my ban is forever .. and I wonder if it's forever or not, or if you can give me the chance to wait 1-2 months to get it back, but without making any mistakes now, please: /
  6. rogueknight banned, why?

    and I would rather be back playing, but if any one banning forever, I think this was the right decision you took on my mistakes, and I'll accept that.
  7. rogueknight banned, why?

    I see that now people have been banned ... they are my friends and I will tell the whole truth now! was a Thursday, hades had returned to play .. so I decided to help him, gave him 500 Sulfur and after the trade, he said he would open a program, and I said okay .. (I think this was my only error ..) was a program to clone item (I did not know it, nor that it would bring me problems). So the other day I was banned .. PM's sent you some mods and they told me to post here .. Theive m other day, Yandy (my friend) decided to ge your alt, so I can wait for the time of the ban ... I'm not the yandy, it is not my alt, I gave him trade with Rogueknight few times, but each one in your home with your IP, and never using multiplayng .. Then he was also banned .. and I felt very guilty about it .. then decided to create the character nergie to converse with my friends while waiting for the freedom of Rogueknight in the meantime I gathered in nergio yes, with the intent to pass the items to Troius and then pass it to me to Rogueknight .. we have all been banned, do not know clearly the reason for each ban .. and that's the whole truth, I'm not hiding anything from you .. now please free my friends that after 1 month, and I bear the due consequences, be they for whom .. and I will not discuss. I'm sorry for everything, and thank you. I'm sorry if you do not understand clearly what I'm saying, because I am using a translator, I am Brazilian and I do not speak English very well.
  8. rogueknight banned, why?

    Hello, I'm to 1 month without my character, Rogueknight, and would love to have him back: ( I'm really disappointed for any thing I did .. I am willing to cooperate to have it back .. a month for me has been more than enough for me to repent, and I can promise you that I will not cause problems again. P.S: I read the rules, including the # 5 and now I understand .. (do not use illegal customers, do not use more than one character to help you gain the benefits that using a single character you could not ... no negotiation with the same IP, no bag through exchange between players from the same IP .. etc.. .) will not happen again! I promise!
  9. rogueknight banned, why?

    OK, I'll stop going into trade with everyone! but at least stop banning my characters as I can at least talk to my friends?
  10. rogueknight banned, why?

    i am not yandy! he is my friend and give me her alt (leozinho) why i doesn't have any alt! I just created a character named nergie, so you can talk with my friends .. u banned leozinho?
  11. rogueknight banned, why?

    loooll!! what i do noww?? hat you did with the leozinho? I have no other character where you can play! what you want me to do?
  12. rogueknight banned, why?

    I'm not accessing the yandy .. never got into this character! if I bargained with him I do not remember .. while the rogue .. how long will it be banned?
  13. rogueknight banned, why?

    yesterday Hades returned to action after a long time, he was an old friend of mine, so I decided to help .. I sold 500 sulfur, and I think he used a cheat to change the IP or to clone item, but had nothing to do with this plan, only bargained with him to sell the sulfur! please can even delete all the other characters, but leaves the Rogueknight!
  14. rogueknight banned, why?

    lol .. I just went into negotiations with the hades .. did not know he was doing it, and kayaz, astrozen, asguinny, destructioon are not mine! and I'm logged in leozinho so why not have another char. there any chance I get my account back? I have nothing to do with what Hades or Rhodio did when I got in trade for him, never used any cheat or any thing to change my ip or something! please, this is the first time I am banned, take a little into account : ( notes: I have a brother and we both played with the same ip! kayazz, asguinny and varkhal is him characters! can banish all the other characters, but leave the Rogueknight, please!
  15. rogueknight banned, why?

    Done Hello .. I try to get today in El .. and realized that my account was banned .. sought help and told me to post here .. the point is that yesterday I left the game without having any problems with moderators, etc. .. and now my account is banned? help me please and why I was banned? thank you! RogueKnight.