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    I play Football and Wrestling and I love to play EL
  1. My house is gone...

    I'm making this post for my current guild(KSF)...I'm sorry I havent been on recently,About 3 weeks ago My house burnt down,So if you guys need anything or anyone else just post here or PM Tyreal_the_holy. He's my Brothers best friend and he'll tell me.Hopefully i'll be back in atleast another week.
  2. For you Dutch/Romania ppl.

    Ok,Go to www.google.com...then type in,"Fat Singing Dutch kid"(sry if this offends anyone),go to the first option and look at the link there...Thats the Funniest thing i've ever seen...Anyone know what he's singing?
  3. Don pawnage ~!~~!~!

    I think,one of the main reasons Don. and Ego. kept coming back is because there Vikings...True vikings will come back for more after they've still lost so much.
  4. So I was exploring with my friend Montgomery, and.

    I've been in that house MANY times before now,but ive never seen the bad object...Anyway i figured it was like the maze inside VC...It does have the black floor and everything on my map also,but no errors or anything.
  5. Steel2Edge of Fire!

  6. Alot of Animal items!(Buying i mean)

    Ok,Well.I'm buying 1000 bones,1000 Brown rabbit furs and 1000 raw meat...im paying 6.5.k for all of then which is pretty good since if you sell it in the store they sell for 3000 gc...I'll also buy 100s,Example:100 rabbit fur,100 bones and 100 raw meat for all of that i'll pay 1.k,Post here or pm me ingame plz!!!
  7. I cant believe myself...

    I just bought 25 efe from Entropy,And i sold 21 of them To mythicdragon for 99.8.k...Anyone see a problem there but me? Well,I didnt at first until i heard that he was selling them for 142.k...He's all like its a good deal and stuff,man.the next 25 efe i get,I'm definetly posting here first.Atleast i got 105.800.k,now.lol ...We all make mistakes i guess.
  8. Alduron's Alchemy Service

    Just so you guys know...Alduron is VERY trustworthy. Last week I truted him with twelve EFE so he could make me Two Full Plate sets. Out of All of them,He only failed once,And i wound up still having two efe's left,So I gave them to him...
  9. what fantasy/sci-fi character are you? :)

    LOL.Never heard of him but I'm...Anakin Skywalker From...Star Wars Universe...
  10. pking suggestions

    LOL,Sry about going all crazy about leaving EL and stuff,Cause obviously you like us...Just try to change your name to something else,or you'll get flamed ALOT,lol. Whats your ingame name? Hopefully not runescape something,
  11. Paying to play

    So,the dragonei and other races will be free right? when will this happen?
  12. pking suggestions

    How about,just dont go into a pking map,until your strong enough to deal with the consequences? Solves your problems,doesnt it? <_<
  13. pking suggestions

    Just so you know "runescape" dude, :lol: ...Overall lvl Doesnt mean ANYTHING in this AWESOME game,go back to rs where you belong...
  14. How much?

    lol,Dont have it yet,But im going to buy one from Entropy for fifteen USD...Chatterbug,go to the website and go to Shop,lol.Look at all them swords,.Do you know how much iron sword of fire sells for though? Regards,Sabre
  15. How much?

    lol,thnxs but I meant Iron broad of Fire and Iron sword of Fire,not just iron sword,