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  1. ip blocked

  2. ip blocked

    Yes, i did lie before and i admit that what i did was wrong and im sory i will never illegal multi again or do any middle man in any mutli activity or no alts or any thing i promise i will never do something like this again if i get a second chance
  3. ip blocked

    Listen i understand what i did was wrong but i feel a perm- ban from this game is unjustifyable, you should let me keep my new main krazykiller and continue to play normally like i was.. like no alts or anything im truely sorry for what i did and am just asking for a second chance please? you dont even have to open the ip address just whitelist one char so there is no chance for mutli activity to partake. i would please just like a chance to play again i mean i promise that i wont do any thing bad again all i want is a chance to prove that..
  4. ip blocked

    But on my old thread i did ask for a second chance, many times... and then for crismas i just decided to try and make a new person and it worked.... i tryed loging into krazyk a few times but it was blocked my sister knew my cusins password, so she went on there but krazykiller would have been the only char. no alts nobody in my family wants to play anymore and i think my brother logged on mah char for a second just to see if it worked but i will be the only one really playing. and besides we have done no illegal trading or nothing just logging on to cheack old name..
  5. ip blocked

    I bypassed? all i did was re download the game and try to create new player and it worked.. and no when i woke up it was blocked altho you may have re blocked it while my little sister was playing while i was asleep and i cant understand why i am denyed a second chase? all i was doing was training and having fun no harm to any one promise
  6. ip blocked

    Hey, i was ip banned in the past and recently i was able to logg in from my old ip. but even tho i was behaving extra good with my second chance i woke up this mourning to a new freash ip bann i made a new char krazykiller and he will be the only char lgging in from this ip. can it please get un-locked?
  7. banned/locked ip address

    can i please get a reply?
  8. banned/locked ip address

    if i cant get whitelisted for krazyk can i make a new char and get whitelist for it???? but i really want krazyk this was the first time i have ever done any thing wrong just please have mercy...... im so sorry..
  9. banned/locked ip address

    it has been one month...if you wont unlock the ip adress would you at least consider letting me get whitelisted???? i love this game so much and fel a permenet ban is unjustifyible for my offense....i learned my leason and i will never make this mistake again please consider me for white listing!>
  10. banned/locked ip address

    so this ip ban/lock is perma- ban?? i find this extremly unfair.. i know what i did wroung and i willing to wait till i can play again... any trading between me or any of the chars on my ip were not of any real value just to get there new chars started off.. im very srry and this is the first time ive ever done anything like this.. i can only hope i could maybe get a second chance with my char krazyk?? please this was my first mess up. i dont understand why i can not even get 1 second chance before getting baned from this game forever.. i promise i will not mess up again and im sorry for any fustration i already caused just please can i have another chance after a certain amount of time?? this game is really fun and this is my only ip to play it off of
  11. banned/locked ip address

    hey i was looking through my cusins ip case done here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=50561 i was wondering if i can prove that i am family with nicolee and _nicolee_ mah12mark with a picture i can get and ip unblock ??? and hannah is a different girl but i can veirfy that with a picture if needed? KRAZYK char is the only one i need unblocked tho,, reguardless i will not have my family logg from this ip any more it is to much trouble
  12. banned/locked ip address

    no if i may correct you they live in south carilina and should have been logging from there still.... me my sister and my brother return home to florida because school started around here and i had to get home... those chars hegedus and all them should still be logged from SC even today,, he is my cusin and i introduce game to him they are family that was staying with there. i understand that after seeing this many chars it seems like a gaint prombelm, i am very sorry and i feel bad(but to let you know me in real life has no alts, only my main krazyk and am teribly sorry for the dumb shit i did) if you could please contact me when the punishment has been set i would love to know how long i have to wait to play my favorite game again
  13. banned/locked ip address

    i understand how u see that they follow me logging on ip address (probably one you refering to is ip address from South Carlina) they are my family so it is rather likely they would use the same ip address as me, espacially while on vacation in a diff state and as for them learning about chan 6 was probbaly just them watching me play and thinking it it cool or w.e. but your time is much apreciated, and im sorry that i ever broke any in game rules. if you would post back here a time i could further contact you about this matter,, or can you e-mail me at this .com when ip address works again? please and ty kkilleridk@gmail.com
  14. banned/locked ip address

    i confess that all this was some what my activty/fault due to the fact i trusted them on my computer to begin with but i promise that they will never log on again and this main krazyk will not have any alts no more, with out permision from som1 your rank i never reilzed any of my actions leading up to the day i got ip address wouild result in such punishment but nevertheless i will take the punishment ,i would just like to know what my punishment is in alittle more detail that simpal ip address locked (like times, or dates,ect..) any information will be greatly apreciated!
  15. banned/locked ip address

    hannah is a young friend of my sisters i am older by much they prolly say what there saying to get them sealves out of trouble and not caring about that my name is being put out there i have not tryed to log to any bots..it is useless my sisters or sisters friend might have tho they dont know much better the ip trading i was unawre of between my sister and her friends.. and will address them on it and not allow them to use this computer any more....and hannah may live close enough that even when she is at home the same ip address could be shown to u as mine? idk about that tho im just wondeing how long i will be punished for there activity?