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  1. selling some stuff

    I'll give you 17k for titanium helm
  2. Selling

    15k for steel long sword of ice
  3. Guess the player name!

  4. Seling and buying

    SOLD plz close topic
  5. Buying

    Close topic
  6. Banned

  7. ipod touch/phone

    Get the skype app
  8. Banned

    Gracias Aislinn I know what punisment is now.
  9. Banned

    Thank you for responding aislinn The answer to your question about how I knew I was banned is that I was going to check my stats on the players online page when it sayed player lock. Does that answer your question aislinn So how long is punishment then?
  10. Banned

    So what am I banned for and what's my punishment Thank you for reading
  11. Storage sale, various items

    1k for book of serpent sword if thermal
  12. Buying Sulfur/Silver :)

    I'll sell you the 500 sulfur