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  1. very old players

    Old players? I hear there's some that pop in now and again #2004 (forum)...no idea when I made my actual character
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Wanna order 10k coal (22k gc)
  3. YUMI Harvesting Service

    10k Silver Please (20k Gc)
  4. A modest proposal

    Why wouldn't you just spend like a week or maybe less getting white-listed? A week without EL beats paying $5 and i'm with kl4Uz (even though I didn't exactly understand what she said....but it sounds cheaper and pretty quick)
  5. Guess what the final item is for

    Maybe other uses for the pots? Like weapon poison, etc. Make it possible to create the big item but at the same time let the mixtures be used for other samll uses (maybe cost a decent amount) That way potioners can sell to people who can't afford a final product of that expense
  6. Buying + Selling Stuff :D

    Wanna order 3k Henbane for 1 gc each (i pay 3.2k for all), PM me on forums or in-game
  7. When Chaos Reigned Supreme

    I got the patience of a 5-year-old Zelse, Ogle, Michel, Draconey, the assorted summons, justmental, and 2coolfool went on their way. Slowly wading through the piles of dead ants. Once the large ants had been defeated, there was little opposition to their invasion. With one swing of their mighty swords, fashion carefully from age-old recipes, or of a yeti's arm, the motley assortment of men, dwarves, elves, draegoni, and skeletons moved on through the ever-increasing destruction. Finally, they reached the Wraith but something horrible had happened. It was standing on two feet. Slowly the Wraith looked around and saw the companions, his eyes began to water as he asked them, "Please, take this body away, my stomach hurts and I have forgotten how to do anything." As his eyes rolled back into his head, Zelse ran to the tavern that he knew was nearby, he quickly pushed on the secret barrel his father had shown him years before and entered the cave. He gathered as many fruits as he could hold and ran back to his friends. Just in time they were able to force something down the Wraith's throat and he gurgled a reply, "Thank you, leave the food and go on your way. I will rest here until you return. Please, find a way to fix the underworld. Please help me."
  8. Need a little help...

    tons of stuff like a ton of new monsters and harvestables (and i mean a TON) just spend the next week reading ency, talking to guild, and harvesting Nice to have ya back, I remember RPing with you once or twice
  9. When Chaos Reigned Supreme

    Draconey took Zelse back to his realm in Tarsengaard in order for Zelse to see the great army that he had created to destroy Selain's summons, break down Unolas's magic barrier, and slay Mortos's minions in order to free the Moderators. Draconey knew that the only way his plan would work was to ally all of the guilds into a fearsome army but he did not know how to do it. After a discussion with Zelse, he was able to figure out that many guilds would help, including Dao and a few others. But first, before any guild could join them, they had to prove the worth of their cause. After taking a few Reasoning and Will potions to guide their thoughts, they decided to take their weapons (such as they were) in hand and march on the Ants' nest. They had heard of these fearsome and powerful foes. They also knew that those powerful enough to escape the underworld could have died to the Ants' relentless attacks. These items would create a nice bonus to rogue guilds. They slaved for hours to harvest the many materials needed to create the potions that they could not do without. They fought their way to the guarded silver mines in Morcraven Marsh. They battles through hordes of summoned Wolves to reach the famed blue quartz of the Crystal Caves. Then, when the time was rights, they contacted Jowwow of Dao in order to make their potions for them. Ogle, Jowwow's ever-willing assistant, came along. Other members of Dao came as well to help the cause such as Justmental, their famed leader, Michel, who had by now become a legend, 2coolfool, a feared fighter, and even Honeybee came out of her hermitage to help the ever-increasing forces of Draconey and Zelse. All these united in a great effort and slashed through hordes of Leprauchans, thousands of Chimerans, and a few of the dreaded Yetis in order to reach the White Stone docks from Tarsengaard. Because of their teamwork, they made it and were able to take the journey from White Stone to Isla Prima. At the last moment, Ogle brought up an interesting thought: "Why didn't we just make tele rings? " Anyway, they went on, fighting off sea serpents. They finally neared the shores of Isla Prima but they were met by a horde of Ants. "Fire!" shouted the hideous queen and thousands of pieces of poisoned burning wormwood was launched by the ants. They managed to dodge some of it but most hit the deck of their vessel. One piece was dangerously close to Draconey, their hero, and suddenly he seemed frozen in fear. Ogle quickly donned his leather gloves and threw the wormwood into the sea before it's poisonous fumes could reach Draconey. Years later, when the Encyclopedia scholars were sifting through some old manuscripts they discovered that Draconey had a very bad childhood experience with wormwood and it was this that made him freeze. They exact details of the childhood experience remain unknown but perhaps a brave scholar can one day find his diary, rumoured to be located in the feared Catacombs of Naralik. They managed to reach the docks just as their boat sank. Everyone (except Ogle of course) rushed off the boat and began to slay the ants. The little ones were no more than a nuisance but soon some of the larger Ant began to come out of the rat cave. It was now that Ogle unleashed the weapon that he had been hiding, even from his friends. He had 5 Yeti summoning stones that his grandfather had made almost 100 years ago. He hoped some of them still worked. As the Ants approached, his friends began to use the potions they had brought. Ogle rushed off the boat as quickly as he could. His long legs helped this effort. Eventually he managed to reach his friends but not before they were locked in combat with the 7-foot Ants. Quickly, Ogle used the summoning stones. Two failed but three caught a spark. He turned them towards the light and they sprung shivering from his hands. Slowly they expanded, taking the shape of the Yetis he had seen in the history books. Suddenly one seemed to distort and erupted in sparks. Ogle saw the Ant mage's mouth muttering the words to a spell known as "Harm Summoned." He ran forward with a Titanium Serpent Sword enchanted with Thermal Magic. With two quick thrusts he killed the Magician before he even saw Ogle. The Ant's blood seemed to seep into the sword and it began to grow a darker red. The other Yetis kept growing and soon were stading erect, ready to do their master's bidding. Ogle, in awe, commanded them to go forward and attack the Ants. It seemed almost too late. All of the friends were down to their last Health Essences, they had no time to return to the boat. Then, just as their hero Draconey began to falter, already muttering his "last words" as he fell to ground clutching his bleeding chest, the Yetis reached them and tore apart some of the Ants on contact. Ogle rushed up and remotely healed Draconey as best as he could but it seemed the hero would die anyway. Suddenly Ogle's sword sent forth a beam of light and Draconey stood once again. The sword once again shone a clear, perfect purple.
  10. Me and my RL Friend Locked

    I am the owner of LinkII, big_one, and artialch I was at a friend's brithday party and I was thinking about quitting so I gave my stuff to Promoz As you can see I (Ogle) was created quite a long time ago Since then, I have decided to start playing once again
  11. Harvesting Service

    blue quartz is 1 gc each if u buy in bulk it "might" be cheaper
  12. Harvesting Service

    Harvesting everything up to (and including) gold ore, leave a message here\ and yes, i CAN harvest a lot but it will take longer
  13. Test Server

    Can you sticky the latest one because i see two different ones and kinda hard to tell which is the newest, etc.
  14. no negatives, cause then no1 would want em, they would just use their normal thermal or tit axe or w/e
  15. Random days

    Ok...but high-lvl fighters would be at an advantage during the no good stuff while harvesting and the no good stuff while manuing, and the fasting days (they dont need food, they can get goods tuff off trolls and other high-lvl monsters, they don't manu a lot