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  1. Now, I am able to make poisoned calltrop, and where to test? -on PW at PL. :stare:

    The normal damage doesn't affect they, because of they armor, but the 1x poison just kills it.

    The PW doesn't drop as much, to woth killing with poisoned calltop, but is a safe place, to test the eng item.

  2. What I am doing different:

    I have downloaded the dev packs in a folder,with the package manager in Devcpp (wizard) I have installed that .dev packages.


    I use the Makefile.win.

    Not enought to rename config file to rename or I need both file or I need a change in Makefile.win. I have tryed both.

    Here is the modification in Makefile.win, and in this case I am able to start building without make.defaults.



    #make.conf: make.defaults


    @if (test -f $@ -a '$(UPDATE_CONF)' != 'yes'); \

    then \

    echo '**'; \

    echo '* WARNING: $< is newer than $@!'; \

    echo '* Proceeding in 10 seconds, hit Ctrl-C to abort...'; \

    echo '*'; \

    sleep 10; \

    else \

    cp $< $@; \




    if I uncoment the "make.conf: make.defaults" than always searching for make.defaults file and if didn't find I get an error message.



    make.conf bottom part:





    #CWARN=-Wall -Wdeclaration-after-statement


    # -Wno-pointer-sign -Wno-sign-compare -Werror


    # -Wno-sign-compare -Werror


    ## These needed to be adjusted on a per system basis based on compile options & library versions


    ## These 2 lines should be uncommented if you used Emajekral's Windows compilation how-to (adjust them if required)


    #EXTRA_INCLUDES=-IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL


    ## These are the originally listed settings, uncomment them if you need them










    EXTRA_INCLUDES=-IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\AL -IC:\\Dev-Cpp\\Include\\SDL








    - as you see CWARN=-W and CXXWARN=-W this should block all warnings, but I still get... IDK why :pickaxe: and this setting were made in make.defaults too.


    My devcpp install directory is: C:\Dev-Cpp

    my checkout dir is:E:\elc

    (My el install directoery is: C:\Program Files\Eternal Lands)


    At C:\Dev-Cpp\include I see the following dirs: Al, c++, cal3d, ddk, GL, libpng13, libxml, ogg, SDL, sys, vorbis.


    How can I compile the sources? - I am on windows 7

  3. while I am complilleing the client with DevcppI am waiting, wainting, waiting...


    Because compiling the elc_private.rc I get warinings: null charcter(s) ignored

    And each warning need to printed to the Compile log in Devc.


    It would a great idea in the Windows Compilation Guide by crusadingknight it would be a guide how to disable this warning or all warnings!

    Probably the compilation will take 5-10 mins max and not around 1 hour or more....


    The finaln result after 1 hour?


    [General Error] Too many messages; abort.

    There must be something terribly wrong with your code. Please fix it.


    And I have 4 compilation error, but I can't see where, because it is too much messages

  4. hi,


    In this days I get known it the att exp only than I get when I do least 1 HP damage.

    If this is true, than the PW hasn't to much instinct, just armor. Than just critical damage you need.

    Best sword is a sunbreaker for that. I have tested: with that I am killing 2x faster than with cutlass.


    The sunbreaker is the PW killer sword.


    Need to test with Thermal or magic or radioactive swords

  5. The PW Attack/Defense: 42/55


    Let we think a bit: a polar bear has 50 defense. This is "just" 5 more.


    I have started to try killing them around 60 att, than 70 att (with max coord) and I was wondering why I get rare att exp. If I do successful hit on him, than I will do a few damage or not, but I should get att exp. I need to try to hit 5-10 times or more to to get att exp. What this results? I think they have extra high reaction which helps him to avoid being hit. For this what can help? There is a Phantom warrior fighting books which gives you +5 crit hit and damage. Also it you wear steel shield, than you have -2 critical, the iron and stel plate has -criticals, change him in titanium!

    When do you see you are able to hit a bit (get some att exp) than try to do critical damage or use ultra high damage maker weapons.

    Very cheap the frying pan and has +4 critical damage + 4 critical hit.

    Better the cutlass.

    I haven't tried the rapier, but for an att lvl 50-60 I am sure that helps.

    Those who has very high att + dexterity and every hit is almost a successful hit, you just need to do enough damage: sunbreaker (highest crit dmg), or halberd(not critical, but enough "brute force").

    I have tried with bronze sword and without NMT and I beaked in less than 20 PW.

    Also an OS so just not enough damage ( they remains alive with 1-5 hp), so I needed another successful hit, but the Orc Slayes has poor criticals...


    those who havn't gc: frying pan

    at 40k gc, below 80 att what to use: rapier, sunbreaker, or cutlass?

    at over 100 att: sunbreaker or halberd? (those players has maxed p/c)


    -when I am able to hit I am doing around 40 dmg on him with my stuffs, but my problem is: I am not hitting often. They not only high armor has, but a lot of reaction (min 100 I think)

    -also I get a small def exp very often: they haven't so much dexterity as reaction, but when they hits me, than hits me around 20.

  6. I have put this question me too.


    What is the acurracy effect in combat, and I didn't get a clear response.

    Specially here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51536



    Each combat round in EL is made up of 6 'rolls':


    1. CombatantA rolls for Critical (ignore this for now)

    2. CombatantA tries to hit

    3. CombatantB tries to dodge


    Then, if CombatantA scored their hit:


    4. CombatantA rolls for Critical (ignore this for now)

    5. CombatantA deals damage

    6. CombatantB absorbs damage


    This completes CombatantA's combat round, then it's CombatantB's turn.



    - but now I am thinking... and maybe the accuracy affected at step 2 somehow. "CombatantA tries to hit", in other steps I can't see, and Idon't know in what ratio afects -5 accuracy or +10 acuracy this.

  7. You thought wrong :P


    But remember, a/d is not the only factor contributing to combat strength. It's speculated that Wingless Garg has (some) better attribs than Tall-Winged Garg.


    Or a better exemple:

    As polar bear trainer try to kill a tiger at EVTR sto!


    Polar bear a/d 55/50 HP 140

    Tiger a/d 55/55 HP 75

    Phantom Warrior: a/d 42/55 HP 60


    The polar bear was take down by me with augm set + bones in max 10-12 hits, witha few damage (5-30).

    -I have tryed the tiger with tit plate+steel cuisses + greave +BP cloack+tit serp sword, and restored 2x and after that diss :)


    Kill it the Phantom Warrior at NC cave, near the fruits with a bone +steel shield and augm set at your polar bear trainer level! :) if you can't kill, than read the explanation here:




    "Understanding Criticals" section

  8. Very good description of critical hit and critical damages. A lot of thanks for that.

    I needed to reread again and again and again... I got a few (correct responses from myself for my questions)


    At the beginning is written:


    My recommendations are geared towards minimizing resources use in training.

    Using less HE and SRS. Breaking less armor. In the end it equates to more time on spawn.


    Guide followers: give more attention for this few rows!!!

  9. Interesting things about rutuliculas.

    A different style of playing as many of us, different personality.

    And now the "but..."

    What if I say he helped me to walk on PK map an do what I wanted, and my guildies not?!!!


    It is right I have been naked, and harvested some toadies, vegetables and onther "nothing" stuffs. But I asked help from my guidies many times to enter a PK map and won't help those who can helpen me easyly... rutuliculas casted MI and event don't attacked me and walked with me a few minutes...


    I can't say I am trusting him, nor I agreee his playing style. But if you go naked on hi's bombs on PK map maybe he will not put all times mines to catch you :P