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  1. Why have people become so unfriendly in EL ?

    It probably became unfriendly the moment people from other, larger games found it and decided to annoy the general, quiet population Atleast that's what happened it lots of other games I've played
  2. Ip banned

    I would just like to say that if I ever get banned for real, I will not use this trick to eavde it, my crappy BT HomeHub crashes and restarts all the time, me hitting a banned IP range was just a coincidence, that was also why I was banned on the account Shif7, I never even thought of restarting my router and trying again... I'm sorry for the trouble I caused with this so could an admin please lock this thread?
  3. Ip banned

    Yeah, my router crashes and restarts all the time, I suppose that's BT for ye :V
  4. Ip banned

    I'm fairly certain my families router uses a static IP o.0, if it is dynamic then I could fix this by restarting my router, correct? If not I would appreciate it if you were to Whitelist Tokthree Edit: I restarted my families router and I'm no longer IP banned, I'm sorry for the trouble and, don't worry, I'm not going to cause any trouble
  5. Ip banned

    Hi, I just went onto Eternal Lands only to find out, to my dismay, that I had been IP-Banned from the game, alas I do not know why I have broken no rules, heck I'm too terrified to stand up while harvesting for fear of being banned, the only thing I have done that could come even close to breaking a rule was creating two alt-accounts (for testing stat builds) over the course of a few months, the accounts I own are: Tokthree, Tokthreex(I think) and I forgot the third one, I was banned in the past on another account (the reason? I am not aware of any reason except for the fact that the name of said account was Shif7, possible got mistook as a rather... Unsavoury word) but for some reason that account got deleted and my ban lifted. Nobody else in my house plays this game, it's too boring for my sister and my brother has WoW, I last logged on a day or so ago wherein I made some FE's then logged out. If I could recieve a reason and a ban time I would be happy, but ultimately I would like to be unbanned, again, if I were unbanned I'm far too cowardly to even consider breaking any rules willingly, so I would respect said rules. Sincerely ~ Tokthree