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  1. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    You finished researching Generic Rings Building: General knowledge about making rings. Allows you to research Silver Rings Buildig and Gold Rings Building
  2. Enable allocation of gold

    Nope, wouldn't use it, don't want it, would rather have the devs work on other issues.
  3. #sto

    Yes, very annoying. Right up there with having #sto stop your harvesting when you are NOT in range of an NPC and you really just want to View Only to see if you have enough ingredients.
  4. Removal of old harvest events

    At least if the new harvest events were added to the counters we could have some data on how often they are occurring before #whining about them to the powers-that-be.
  5. Is taking death bags considered "dispute'ish"?

    Not voted. Really wanted a "yes, this is bad form and goes against almost all guilds' accepted behaviors, but no there isn't an official EL rule against it, so do what you want and live with the consequences." Personally, as many have mentioned above, I'm a db bag finder and announcer.